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Sasural Simar Ka 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says how could you come home without my daughters? where are they? she says i will go and find them and like you i wont come without them. This man couldn’t protect my daughters and this relationship.
Simar says i wont come back without my daughters, prem holds her hand and says what would you do there? scream at the roads, I am their dad too. I will bring them home trust me. simar says i dont trust you anymore. simar says i wanna go to my daughters right now, i want them. Mata ji says simar control yourself, they will be fine. Someone throws in a stone from the window, there is a chit with it. sid reads it arrange 20 lac by tomorrow morning if you want sanjina and anjali back. if you inform police then.. someone knocks at the door. inspector comes in with cops. He

says you dont have to worry, i have sen details of your daughters in the stations we will find them soon. Sid shows them the chit, inspector asks his men to look for the man who looks suspicious. Simar says please go from here. We are withdrawing our case. Roli says what are you saying? simar says its about their lives. They said they if we reach out cops they would..simar says we will give them money and bring them back. inspector says they do this to scare you, recently they took money from a kid’s parents but they still killed him, because he saw thier faces.

Anjali and sanju are roped, they say we wanna go to our papa. They are crying, kidnapper says stop crying, don’t annoy us. he gets a call and says yes boss, we have done that. we need your next orders. Sanju recalls the story simar told them. She says idea to anjali and whispers something, they start walking outside, while the kidnappers talk to the boss on call. They run outside. one of theme sees and says kids have ran. The other says go look for them.

Simar says they wouldn’t harm them if we give them the money. Prem says why are you not understanding, simar says i dont want to listen to you. If you were sensible enough this wont have happened. Simar says i am not myself right now, i have bring my daughters home. Simar says please go from here inspector. Prem says you are making mistake why you dont understand. simar says i am rectifying yours like always. I know i will have to get us out of here like always. prem says i beg you take help from cops. simar says i beg you not to talk to me. our relationship is already at a weak point. It might drown. prem says whatever i say you will find it worng, even if i try to save them you will consider me wrong, you dont trust me, simar says what have you done to build my trust? because of you anjali and sanju are lost. He says if you think they are in trouble because of me i will bring them back but my own way.

Anjali and sanju are running, the thugs run after them. sanju slips, anjali says please stand up and run they will come. Sanju says anjali you should run i cant stand up. anjali runs, they thugs come and say to anjali we caught you. where is the other one? Two of them start looking for anjali.
Simar says you can’t consider me right. do whatever you think is right i will do mine. So i will go and give them money, prem says i wont let you do this. it is risky. Simar says the one you want to go throw is more risky. sid says simar prem please stop it. Simar says what prem is saying is right.. roli says no its wrong. Why you dont understand its about kids, we cant play with their lives. We will give them money. sid says what are you saying? prem says you should fight because of us. Simar do whatever you want, but dont stop me. prem brings inspector in.

Simar goes to temple and says i give them to you, please take care of them. prem proceeds with the cops.
Simar puts the candle on her hand and says i know you can understand the pain of a mom.

Precap-doorbell rings, they all run. Simar says i hope they are my daughters.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  10. hi guys im new here
    btw this serial is really dragging

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