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Sasural Simar Ka 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says is there some connection between Sunnaina and that hospital. She gets a call from Sid. he says where are you ? Everyone is waiting for you. You have the keys. Roli says to aditi that I have to go. Aditi syas okay I am going as well.

Sujata says where is roli. sHe knew that pandit ji had to come. still she is out. sHe doesn’t know how important this is. Roli comes in. Mata ji asks where were you ? Pandit ji left. Roli says my friend called me. it was something important. Pari says you should have given keys to someone. Roli says I accept my mistake. Mata ji says this is your first mistake that’s why I ma forgiving yiu. But this should be the last time as well.

Roli enters the room. Sid says where were you ? Everyone was waiting for you ? What is

it ? You have been doing this since you returned from summer camp. Look into my eyes and tell me the truth. Roli says my friend called me. He says make any excuse you want but look into my eyes. Mata ji calls roli she goes there. On the way roli gets a call. He says its not good to enter someone’s house without permission. Roli asks who are you ? He says the question is not that the question is who am I. Place the dairy from where you took it. I can be very harmful to you and yoru family. Its karthik.
Roli wonders who can it be?

Karthik turns back and simar is there. He is scared. Siamr syas you are so strict with your patients. Tell me is this some new way. he says you know me so well. Simar says I came to call you over breakfast. Come everyone is waiting for you.
Lathik closes the door and says this drama can work on anyone but me. I know the truth of you and bhaiya. Such a good actor you are. Your plan can easily fail in mine. I know your reality but you will never know mine.

There roli says I was right. Sunnaina got into something big.i have to move on. This game looks dirty. I think I should share it with someone but with whom ? I have no proofs. I should call aditi and tell her about this call. She calls aditi and tells her about the call. SHe says he has asked for the diary. Aditi says thus means that they’re behind her death. Aditi says we will return that dairy. Roli says I have to give that diary back and reach simar didi. Aditi say who simar didi ? Roli thinks oh what I said ? Aditi says what did you say ? ROli says nothing. Aditi says you told me that she died. How did she come in all this ? Roli says I wanna tell you something about simar didi but you have to promise me that you will keep it to yourself.

Scene 3
There siamr serves the breakfast. Baa asks what you thought about wedding ? Karthik says why you always ask this ? Baa says whats wrong with you ? Your work is going well. Vikran says he will marry when he feels like he will. Vikran wonders why haven’t dinesh called yet. Vikran says look he is still thining about work he has no time for wedding. SAnju drops some curry on vikran’s hand. his hand is burnt. he goes upstairs. simar and sanju follow him. baa thinks I wish some girl like sunnaina come in life of karthik too.

Sanju says sorry papa I burnt your hand. Vikran says sanju cares too much fro pap. its okay. Simar says look sanju your papa said its not your mistak. Simar is looking for the tube.
Karthik comes upstairs and says are you looking for this tube ? Apply it on bahiya’s hand. Vikran says give it to me. he says why to you ? Is bahbahi not yours ? Siamr applies it on vikrans; hand. Karthik is smiling. Simar is not feeling good and so is vikran.

There roli tella everything to sunnaina about simar. Sunnaina says we are bith working to get simar and sunnaina justice. Roli says I will go to that house and place the diary there

precap-roli calls at a number simar picks from the other side. Roli says didi.tears slip down from simar’s eyes

Update Credit to: Atiba

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