Sasural Simar Ka 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 1st July 2013 Written Update

Mausiji asks Mataji, why are you even talking with Khushi? They join the party and all dance together. Sid stands far and remembers his dance with Roli. Mausiji comes to him and Jhumki and tell them to do their salsa dance. She pulls them in. Sid and Jhumki have no choice, but to dance with each other. Sid cries in Roli’s memory while he dances, and Jhumki remembers her few moments with Sid. Sid then takes his hands away from Jhumki and dances with other family members. Jhumki quietly comes on a side and watches Sid from far. Bantu notices Jhumki on a side and asks her to join him and dance with everyone. Jhumki says, I am not in a mood, you go. Bantu keeps requesting him. Khushi sees them and tells Veeru, this is right time to execute our plan. Jhumki goes to waiter and adds alcohol

in juice and asks him to give it to Jhumki.

Simar and Prem come to Jhumki and thank her for supporting them in their plan. Simar credits her for family’s happiness. Prem says, but this is temporary, we will soon have to tell truth to everyone. Emotional Jhumki also says, I can’t act anymore. Uma comes and takes Simar and Prem with her. Bantu asks Jhumki, you will miss this family a lot right? Jhumki says, yes. Waiter offers juice to Jhumki, but she refuses. Bantu tells her, I want to drink juice. Jhumki gives it to him. Veeru and Khushi are disappointed as their plan is about to fail. Before Bantu drinks, Mausiji comes and takes the glass away. She asks Bantu to let her drink as she hasn’t ate anything since morning. Jhumki drinks it and Veeru and Khushi have a big smile on their faces. They wait for the real drama to start now. Waiter gives her another glass and she drinks more juice/alcohol and it starts showing effect on her as well. Jhumki is going somewhere, wondering why she’s having headache. Veeru purposely goes in front her and clashes with her. He tries to provoke her and Jhumki shouts and asks him to shut. Everyone now has attention on Jhumki and Veeru. Jhumki talks in her Laxmanpuri language and everyone is surprised seeing her behave like this. She even speaks it out that she is not any girl like that.. she is Jhumki from Laxmanpur. Everyone is shocked.

Jhumki continues, many like you come in my nautanki, but Jhumki knows how to handle them. Jhumki sees everyone staring at her. She asks, why are you staring like this? You don’t believe me? Go and ask Laxmanpur people, even kids know that Jhumki is special. Guests wonder what happened to Roli and if Jhumki is saying the truth. Mataji goes to Roli and asks, what’s happening? You drank alcohol? Jhumki says, Roli? I am not Roli. I am Jhumki from Laxmanpur. I was just acting to be Roli. Everyone is shell-shocked.

Khushi interrupts and says, she said her truth in front of everyone. What more proof you want? She is not Roli, she is her duplicate. Khushi asks lawyer to tell everyone who is real owner of this house now. She tells Mataji, there’s still 15 minutes till midnight and I proved what I said. I told everyone that I will prove she is not Roli. And now according to court’s decision, this house and property belong to me and my Veeru. You all will have to leave this house. I said I will win and I won finally. This house and everything is mine. She has an evil laugh.

Guests ask what’s happening. Another guest says, don’t know, but from what’s happening, it seems like this house doesn’t belong to Mataji anymore. They are leaving afraiding that Khushi may insult them as well. Khushi stops them saying full picture is not complete yet. She asks Bharadwajs to pack their stuff in 15 minutes and leave this house. Jhumki interrupts and asks Khushi, who are you to kick us out from this house? Khushi says, i still have some relationship with them, but with what right you’re living in this house? She takes her hand and drags her to the door.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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