Sasural Simar Ka 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika says she is the queen of devils and she has captivated simar.. she sees mata ji on the door. Mata ji is dazed. Mata ji says I knew, i knew that you both are hiding something. Tell me devika what were you saying about simar? Devika locks the door. Mata ji says tell me what were you saying about simar and patali. Khushi says that simar bhabhi.. is not simar bharadwaj like before. Mata ji says dont give me riddle tell me exaclty.
Khushi tells mata ji everything. Mata ji says i will talk to simar. Khushi says no you can’t talk to you. Try to understand. like we have a God. Patali is devika of witches and evils. Her power is endless. And if she finds out, she will ruin everything. We wont be able to do anything. How can I forget that she wanted to kill my son. Mata

ji says forgive us Khushi. we got your wrong. I was about to slap you.Forgive me. Khushi says i had to do this for my son. Anyone would have done the same on my behavior. Mata ji says you have become so mature. Mata ji says devika whatever you have done for us, you are no an ordinary girl. Devika says yes i know this question is obvious. I will tell you my real identity on time. I am here for simar. Mata ji says we trusted you the day you brought roli back. We will wait for the day you tell us who you are. Khushi says i feel relieved. she kisses mata ji’s hand. devika says now we three will face her. Devika says we have to kill her but simar shouldn’t know. Mata ji says how?

Devika says there is a cathedral 50 miles from now. If we make simar drink water in a glass found there we can bring her back. Mata ji says if you knew the solution what were you doing by now? Devika says only a human can do there. Khushi says what you mean? Devika says i dont have an answer to that. Khushi says i can go there. Devika says this can risk your life. Mata ji says then you wont go khushi. Khushi says let me do this for my family and simar. And God is with me. Nothing would happen to me. Mata ji says nothing is a hurdle when your intentions are rock. Go i know you will be successful.
Devikas says there will be evil forces trying to scare you khushi.
Mata ji brings arti and says we have all hopes in your khushi. She puts tilak on her forehead. Khushi touches mata ji’s feet. Devika says dont tell anyone mata ji. Patali can harm this family.

Mata ji comes home. Uma says where were you we were worried for you? Mata ji sees simar coming. Mataji says nothing.
Mata ji says in heart simar doesn’t even know what patali is making her do. Please help Khushi.

Khushi is in the jungle. She sees the cathedral. There are many bats outside it. Khushi goes in. She reads mantra inside. A voice says who you are? Khushi says i am finding the metal untensil. can you help me.
khushi finds a map. The shadow says this is the map that will take you to your destination. He says your journey will start from that door.

Precap-Khushi enters the door. There are knifes in the air. One is about to stab her. Mata ji says i wont let anything happen to my family. Simar says who will stop me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wat is happening…….other tan roli they r giving importance to every one…..i cant bear…….

  2. According to todays episode i think tat Devika would be tiger…..vehicle of matarani……because she said na oly human beings can go there and which is not possible for me…… in ssk naagin came na then why not tiger?

  3. i thought same like u ashu they didnt give importance to our roli…

  4. May b u right regarding devika miss u rosid…pls give importance to roli…

  5. give us some rosid rather than this bullshit

  6. Who is that devika?? She can’t be matarani bcz she was possessed by patali before…and she may not be tiger because mata rani would have save her when she was under patali..don’t know who is she..and where is roli?? She should know about her didi and instead of khushi she should have gone there to bring the glass…

  7. I think that devika is saakshat Matha Rani hey friends

  8. i thought devika was saakshat mata rani but when she was locked in that barbie doll… she was very scared and say always mata rani plz help plz…. so i think she is not mata rani …. any other shakti …. i think… this is pakka that she is not a human being….they are trying to show actually mata rani will help we all from any small or big troubles felt by simar ……
    anyway now iam sure that simar will out of patali’s plannings becoz now our shakti devika , khushi and mataji is together… iam sure … now its interesting….. but roli should also join them… she have no role now…. 🙁

  9. Just hate ssk..roli is no more important .all bull shit charaxters got space…blo*dy cvs..i wanna kill them…y avika y r u wasting ur tym in this disguisting serial which have no imp fr u..just quit..then v smwat feel relieve..otherwise being ur fana v r crying daily cant able to bear this….plz rosidians just stop watching this serial.( ofcourse i m sure most of rosidians already stpd) bt some r there who r watching this fr single glance of rosid…bt guys v cant get rosid..just stop watching..stop encouraging this dirty superstitious that its trp vl decrease…n show vl air off..atleast bl get some peace

  10. Where is Amaar?

  11. Missing rosid bitterly..

  12. I think devika is maya (sara khan)…dats y she said only human can go dea…

  13. Y you people don’t understand Roli herself would not be doing any scenes only on severe demand of public she is here she is now a superstar of south films y she will act on small screen..

    1. avika told that she wont leave serials…she is fullfilling her duty..its cvs who r nt using her character well..obsessed with other characters…

  14. I think so roli will get to know about patali next from mataji

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