Sasural Simar Ka 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni sings aarti

Sasural Simar Ka 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hema asking Piyush to give 2000 Rs. notes garland to her. Piyush says he made it for Avni and her. Avni asks him to give and scolds him. Piyush gives the garlands and throws it on floor. Hema asks Avni to be polite with him and says Piyush will fetch them crores. Avni says you made spoiled my mood and I took out anger on Piyush. She goes. Hema wears the money garland and gets happy. Piyush sees Pari sitting with face pack and cucumber on her face and eyes respectively. Piyush calls her joker aunty. Pari asks him not to trouble her. Piyush takes her cucumber. Pari calls him mad monkey. Piyush says I will take all your cucumber. Pari runs behind him and falls down. Piyush laughs.

Pari gets up and raises her hand to slap him, but Avni comes there and holds her hand.

Avni asks how dare you to raise her hand on him. Pari says he is mad. Avni says his condition is like a kid and he is innocent. She asks why can’t you control your anger. Pari asks her not to be clever. Avni says she is good being clever to protect him. She says since I met him, we have some connection with him.

Simar is happy hearing this. Avni says it seems like God has given me his responsibility for a purpose and tells until I am with him, nothing can happen to him. Piyush returns her cucumber and says I don’t need it. Pari is irked and goes. Piyush thanks Avni and hugs her. Avni also reciprocates the hug. Piyush says she always scares me. Simar is happy.

Sanjana and Bhairavu come and hold knife together. Sameer thinks he shall do something to make them together again. He sits on dining table and asks Bhairavi to make Aloo Gobi and asks Sanjana to make Paratha, and asks his mum to help her as she makes maps in the paratha. Bhairavi says I don’t have any objection to help, but who will hear later. Sanjana asks what did you say? Sameer asks them to spit the anger. He thinks of an idea and pretends to fall down. He shouts. Sanjana and Bhairavi run to him. Bhairavi asks Sanjana to bring the spray. Sanjana says ok, but then recalls Bhairavi’s words.

Bhairavi again asks her to bring it. Sanjana gives spray in his hand and goes angrily. Bhairavi gets upset and goes. Avni messages I love you to Rahul. Simar comes there and asks her to bring Piyush to do aarti. Avni assures her. Simar blesses her. Avni feels motherly love and gets happy to be blessed by her. She sets alarm in clock and mobile. She tells Hema about her promise made to Simar and tells that she set 5 alarms to wake up, and takes her phone.

Hema laughs and says you can’t wake up at 6 am. Avni says I will wake up at 6 am and says once I do a commitment then I will not listen to myself. In the morning, Hema tries to wake up Avni, but she don’t wake up. She asks her to take Piyush for evening aarti. Avni gets up hearing this and asks hema to come. She takes Piyush for morning aarti and says it is a game. She sings aarti. Simar blesses her. Prem says she sings well. Hema thinks their aim is near. Pari thinks she is doing lipsync and kicks ball. Piyush tries to get the ball and falls down. They see recorder under the table and are shocked.

Pari says Avni was not singing aarti and says we were happy unnecessarily. She says this girl and her mother wants to get money in Piyush’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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