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Sasural Simar Ka 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says why is your dad’s head down? Because he is scared to lose his son. Prem says the sinner will be punished. Prem says I will call police. Anjali says dad please. He apologized for what he did. Please think about me. I can’t live without him. Prem says he ruined her life. Anjali says then will sending vikram to jail get her life back? We will take care of vadhi life time. KB says prem Anjali is right. What will people say if you send your son in law to jail? How can we send vikram to jail. Prem says we can’t erase his sins like this. Saroj says vadhi please do something. Only you can save him. Vadhai says prem uncle these people are right. What had to happened to me has happened. Don’t upset anjali’s life. I don’t want her to go through

what I did. Please don’t call police. ANjali says thank you. Dad she is right. Vikram says anajli let your dad call. Anjali says what? Vikram says your dad is right. I should be punished for what I did. Anjali says are you mad? I won’t let you go anywhere. Vikram says please I can’t live away from you either but I did this sin as well. If I don’t get punished for it then I won’t be able to live with dignity. Vikram takes Prem’s phone from anjali and gives it back to Prem. Anjali says dad please don’t call.
Prem calls police. They arrest Vikram. They take Vikram with them. Vikram says a minute please. He holds his hand in front of simar. He says I know I am the sinner. After today you won’t have any trouble because of me. I have lied a lot. There is one truth that I wanna say and that is I really loved anjali and I always will. He holds his hands in front of vadahi. Vikram says what I did with you I can’t return it but if you need anything call me. If I can change anything for you, my sins abate. Forgive me. He looks at anjali. Police takes him. Prem says Anjali will go back with us home. Saroj is crying. Prem takes Anjali with him.

Scene 2
Everyone comes back to Bharadwaj house. Prem says Anjali.. Anjali says stay away from me dad. She says to simar are you happy now? Your mission is accomplished. Congratulations on ruining your daughter’s life. Since childhood I was this happy in my life and you took it from me. Simar says he did.. Anjali says yes he did this sin and ruined her life. But will this bring her life back? What did she get by sending vikram to jail? SHe asks vadhi ruining my life got you your life back? Then why. He apologized you. He said he will take care of you life time. He avenged his dad’s life and then what you did? You did the same. And dad am I a puppet for you? you got me married to him. you chose him I didn’t even say no. I trusted you. Then you took him from me. When I was finally happy then you people ruined it for me. instead of having parents like you I wish I was an orphan. There was no relation since now that I thought was mine. Someone who loved me. Neither mom nor dad. But Vikram loved me and I loved him. You people took him from me. Simar says anjali.. Anjali says shut up. Since you came to my life you are worsening things for me. You are a curse to my life. I hate you. I hate you both. I hate you all. I don’t wanna live a life like this. She runs upstairs and locks herself in the room. ANjali sits on the floor and cries. She looks at the fan and her dupatta. Everyone runs upstairs. They say anjali please open the door. Simar says we should break the door. Anjali is trying to hang herself. Piyush breaks the door. When they come in they are dazed. Anjali has hung herself. Piyush holds her. They bring anjali down. Piyush says what are you doing anajli. Anjali says I don’t wanna live. Simar slaps her. Anjali says you don’t let me live at least let me die. I don’t wanna die. Mataji says don’t give up like this. Anjali says I don’t wanna live with you people. I am coward. Anjali says go from here to your daughter vadahi. Go love her. Don’t show this fake love to me. I am not your daughter. Kb says she asked you to leave then why don’t you? Let her breathe at least. Rajhinder says khushi didn’t you see what she was doing? KB says anjali you won’t do this again. Prem says anjali you are my daughter. Promise me you won’t do this again? ANjali says I won’t. But just go from here and leave me alone. They all leave. Prem caresses her face and leaves. When everyone leaves. Kb says you better asked them all to leave. ANjali says you leave too. KB says doll.. Anjali says just go. Kb says okay I am leaving calm down.

Precap-Anjali is in her room. Someone knocks. She says don’t disturb me. I don’t wanna see anyone. Its Vikram. Anjali opens the door. He says when you vowed to live together then how can I leave you alone? Anjali hugs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I feel very sad for Anjali. If roli is here then it was not happened.

    I miss rosid a lot…..

    At least Bring Sanju back for Anjali please…….

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