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Sasural Simar Ka 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says to swara how can you give up when you know this is a lie. Swara says i feel like ragini is not lying. Sanskar says you know how clever she is. Still you think she is not lying. Swara says i felt like someone was in storeroom. simar says why would someone want to hurt Ragini. Swara says we have figure that out. Simar says i will try my best. just dont worry. Swara goes and sits in jeep. They take her with them.

Simar is outside the store she says i have to go in. Ragini comes and says what happened? why you wanna go in store? Simar says swara is innocent. someone else is the culprit. We have to go in store. Ragini says maybe. There is some proof inside and you remove it. Ragini says you are doing wrong.
Ragini brings her to hall. papaji says why are you misbehaving

with her ragini? Ragini says she wanted to remove the proofs so she can prove swara innocent. Simar says its not like that.Simar says swara is innocent and i just want to prove it. Sanskaar says she is right. Maa says no one will go in store. Devika says cops have asked no one to go in that room. Simar says i dont care about police. You all are blaming swara. Why would she harm ragini. an innocent in behind bars today. Devika says in heart you can never reach the real culprit. Ragini says simar please go from here. i dont want to be rude but you shouldn’t stay here. simar says listen to me once.
Ragini takes her out. simar says this can happen again, dont do this. Ragini says i am sorry. Ragini closes the door.

Ragini comes in and says you dont know what i have been through. I cant trust a outside. Maa says what you did is right. Devika says in heart this is the right time. simar says i wanted to help swara. She needs me devika. I cant back out. And i know i will prove her innocent. Devika says i get it but i was worried for yo but now i know what relations mean to you. I am with you. Sanskar says i am with you as well. i am sorry for how ragini behaved. Simar says we have to check store room. DEvika says you wont find anything there. simar says we will. The culprit always leaves a hint.
Simar says let me arrange swara’s bail. sanskar says thank you so much. simar says she is my friend. I can do that for her.
devika says i ordered some pots tomorrow. simar says you should go to market then i will go to police station. Sanskar wonders there is something wrong with this girl.

prem’s phone rings. its simar. He says do you hear my heart. i was missing you. she says i miss you too. prem says you sound worried. Simar says this is all so complicated. Swara has to be bailed and it has complications as well. Prem says i will talk to senior inspector there. simar says thank you. They hang up.

Ragini says swara you have lost your mind that is why you should stay away from me and this house.
Swara asks who bailed me? She sees simar. and says simar.. She hugs her. Simar says i am with you and not only me your husband too. He trusts you.

Devika asks the driver to stop Sanskarr follows her but devika sees him in the mirror. he sits back in the car. he says you thought you followed me. I brought you here.
Swara says they think that i want to kill ragini that is why they didn’t let you in. They dont trust me. Simar says sanskar trusts you.
Sanskar calls swara. He says are you bailed? She says yes. He says come to kaala bazaar. I have news. Swara says what is it? He hangs up. Swara tells simar. simar says lets go. Swara says he said its very disturbing. simar says dont worry we are going there.
Sanskar says i have to expose this secret today. Deevika says better you called both of them. Now along with simar you two are doomed as well.

Sanskaar is on his way. Patali jams his cars brakees. The brakes fail. Simar and swara see the car coming. Sanskar says swara move. Simar says lets go from here. Swaraa slips. Simar tries to pick him up.

Precap-Ragini says its must be swara and simar in store. swara asks simar to come out of store. papa sees simar coming out of store.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. week spoilers:
    1st dec: swara is arrested by the police against the complaint by ragini. swara tells simar that someone from the house has attacked ragini. simar enters the storeroom to find out the truth.
    2nd dec: prem is anxiously waiting for simar. simar reaches home and everyone is happy to see her. sid and prem surprise roli and simar by planing holiday.
    3rd dec: simar tells that devika anjali will also help her to make the statue. simar is busy by making the statue while anjali is looking around the house. simar get exhausted and devika is enjoying the sight.
    4th dec: simar and anjali leave from devika’s house. devika realise that anjali took the doll in which she had trapped devika’s soul. simar and prem are upset with anjali for taking the doll.
    5th dec: ,ataji tells roli to convince jahnavi to give anurag another chance. prem sends a professional sculptor to help devika make the statue, which upsets devika.

  2. ssk: jhanavi’s estranged husband anurag come to take her back home. roli thinks they should leave the decision on jhanvi and she should decide about her future. there are more twist and turns in the show after devika and patali devi entered in the show..

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