Sasural Simar Ka 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar asks Anjali is it your birthday? anjali says yes. Simar caresses her face and says God always keep you happy.
Simar says she has gotten so old. She hides the gifts where she used to in childhood, simar says anjli might look for her presents here like always. Prem sees a woman and says who is she? He is coming in that direction. Simar goes from there. Mataji says to Prem I know you are upset because Anjali didn’t give you first bite. Its her day today. Prem says we were both there and she gave cake to that Khushi. he hits the table. Everyone comes there. Prem sees the envelop. Mataji says it accidentally fell.
Prem is about take out photos from envelop. A woman comes and says a woman placed some stuff here. Khushi says what woman? KB picks the envelop. Karuna

says is it bomb.prem says let me check. They are all present. Karuna says who can place these presents here? Simar runs. Prem says let me check. Prem runs to see who it was.
Simar sees prem looking for her. She says Prem shouldn’t know I came here. Prem sees a woman from back and thinks it is Simar. Prem goes to her and says simar but its not her. Prem apologizes her.
The song ‘hamari adhuri kahani’ plays. Simar sees Prem. Simar sits in the car. She recalls her moments with Prem. Piyush says did you give my gift? Simar says yes.

Rohan shows simar her trophy. Simar congratulates him. Simar says Piyush come here. Piyush is hiding his trophy. Simar says your result? He says I passed too. Simar says very good. Rohan says show her your prize. Sumit comes and says I am so happy for results. This is all because of your hardwork sima.r Rita says really? If that was so, then why isn’t her son first in anything? Piyush goes to his room. Sumit says why did you have to say that? It would have hurt Piyush. Rita says who cares. Piyush is sitting sad in room. Simar reads his report card and says why are you upset you have so many good grades. Simar says everyone has their talents. Piyush says because of me Rita aunty scoffed at you.
Simar says how did you fight? Piyush says okay I will consider rohan my opponent. Simar says why? Piyush says he take my mama’s love from me.
Simar and Piyush do boxing.

Khushi says anjali tonight is your first ad shoot. Anjali says thank you so much. KB says lets pack your stuff.
Prem comes in anjali’s room. He sees Anjali’s photos. Prem says to Khushi what is this? This is too much. Anjali says they are my photos. Why are you making a fuss of it? Prem says that guy came to deliver this yesterday. Anjalu says only KB cares about me in this house. and you want to take her away from me. AMar says what are you saying. We all love. Anjalu says you are not our family member. Don’t talk in our matter. Prem says this is how you talk to elder. He locks her in the room and says stay here until you learn manners.

Precap-RIta says to Sumit I have to talk to you. He says I am little busy. Rita says I am firing simar. Sumit says kids won’t let her go. Rita says you need her more than kids. Sumit says what did you say. He slaps rita.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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