Sasural Simar Ka 1st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 1st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says please help me God, the cat comes in. Roli is scared. Mata ji says please God roli did this for mohini’s life. Roli looks out the cat is not there anymore. Roli sees keys. She says it must have lock up’s keys, that is the only way to save my life from the cat.

Rajhinder says prem is not picking the call. Simar says i am going to police station, tell prem. Sankalp says we will come with you. Simar says no you should stay home.
Prem is in his car, he is worried. Mata ji says what is happening with my family.
Prem stops the car.
Mohini and Sunanda are doing black magic on Prem.

Prem calls rajhinder and says i was drivin phone was siletn. Dont worry, is everything okay in the house, prem drops the phone and faints. Rajhinder says he is not sayin anythin. Sunanda comes in another car.She says its 12 and lauhs. She opens prem’s car’s door.

Roli opens the lock up. The cat is still there, roli hides. Simar comes in.
Mohini gives money to two men and says don’t say anything to anyone. They slide prem on a black cloth. Mohini starts doing her black magic.
Rajhinder calls sid and tells him about prem. Sid says amar is with me, we will find him out.

Roli says didi go, this cat is dangerous, simar says i wont leave you alone. Simar grabs roli and says sit in the car. The car is not starting. Cat comes in their direction. Simar starts the car and leaves.

Precap-Mohini is doing her magic, she dances.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is the worst serial ever. With nonsensical storyline. Writers go to hell. N simar-roli pls find smthng bettr. This stpd shw doesn’t deserve u…?

  2. Precap is sankalp gets a cal frm Sid ….on hearing the news he will be shocked…..everyone at hme will get tensed on seeing sankalp’s face….mataji will ask whats the matter???

    1. i think sid tells about roli and prem missing but dont know exact some guessing….

  3. is simar to die in ssk now? some one saying she die and roli also die…. is it correct or not?

  4. spoler ssk:
    the black magic starts again in ssk prem is made to lie down as mohini performace the black magic on prem she does black magic on roli’s pic also. it is yet to be seen if simar would be able to save her sister and prem. simar finds prem in unconsious in the car and worried. she sees prem with mohini. near the temple. mohini performce the black magic and throughs some powder around prem . she is going to trouble them more. mohini does the thandav dance around prem simar rushes to temple seek help from matarani.

  5. guys simar is injured… this is reel and real she gets injured.. while in track also one accident seen is there with simar in that also she gets fake make up injured which is useful her that real injury… but i dont know in exact track that she die or not… we have to see serial.. but in real she injured her lower lips. its given in if and tellychakkar.

  6. is roli gets bail or again she goes to jail ah? in telymasala told thait its plan of rosid..
    is it rosid plan to bring mohini truth out as they aware of it? please roli back from jail.. if anyone knows tel me plz..

  7. Wat? roli and simar will die???? Frm were u got information????if it is so then show will end and I dnt think so…….rosim do something and kill tat Mohini……

  8. This show is turning into nonsense! What is all this black magic and witches? How fake! Plz do something realistic.

  9. The story concept is boring nowadats.dont they have beter story to write.and d main thing i dont understand is tat …why r they oerforming black magic for wat r they capturing prem.

  10. Black magic stuff is really boring.y dontthe writers come to reality and set a new track to the show

  11. I used to love dis show only coz simar and roli used to solve prblms together and tat too they act smart in doing they r shown like people with no smartness no confidence nothing

  12. Only when lead roles are depicted with confidence ,audience tend to watch them .the show storyline is the prblm now

  13. Y do I feel that shastri sisters is better than ssk?? N how can ask get high trp rates? All black magic n all!!!! Plz show sumthing gud in which we can have sum interest in watching……

  14. mohini does pooja to roli and prem photo to kill roli sends cat but simar saves roli so she didnt die, mohini comes to know about roli alive and tells that prem car accident she did some pooja with prem so he gets pain in shoulder.. they are in very angry onn rosim and prem so now they want to do war again straight forward.. we have to see now what happen how rosim comes to know about mohini reality..

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