Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone come out, Sid shoves simar. The flower slips from simar’s hand. Prerna saves it.
Sid takes the idol with him. Prem and Amar run after him.
Roli says to shaitna what happened? Is the world still not under your control? You can’t. We are both here. You can’t get anything. SImar says thank you simar yo have no idea what you have done for us. This is our last hope. This is the only way I can save her. Choti dulhan says what about me? Prerna says whose voice is this? Choti dulhan says mine? Prerna says who is this? Simar? Chti dulhan says I am a soul. Prerna says what is all this simar? I dont believe in all this. Choti dulhan says then touch me. Prerna touches her bt she can’t.
Prerna says what is happening. Simar says relax I will explain

you everything.
Simar says sid you are trusting that shaitan and going agiant her. sid says i wanna save roli. simar says we all want to. You think you can trust him? He fooled sattu and shalu. sid says he promised me. Simar says once he get this, he wont leave any of us. sid says what should I do then? simar says trust me. we all want her back.Together we are stronger. simar says baba are you ready? He says es.

Baba does havan. Sid says what are we waiting for? We should go. Baba says simar you cant leave havan. simar says why? He says you have to stay here unless they all reach roli. Mata ji says simar your prayer will protect us. SImar says be careful. choti dulhan stay with them. Mata ji says to prerna simar will be busy in pooja, can you stay with kids? Prerna says yes I will take care of them don’t worry. They all leave.

They are on their way in jungle. Maata ji says where have we come? There is nothing here. Prem says yes I can’t find anything here why baba sent us here?
Baba and simar come to a place. Simar says I had to lie to everyone. I am sorry. She recalls telling evreything to baba and planning it all out with him.
Sid says when will you blindly stop trusting simar? This is all because of her. Based on a flower we are going to save roli. Because simar asked us to do what baba asks. I should have given him that idol. I would have taken roli with me or died with her there. Mata ji says enough. She is simar’s sister and she will do anything to save her. SId says is simar God? Why can’t she make any mistake. Simar can make mistakes too. Its all ehr fault. If something happens to roli who will take responsibility simar or you?
Sima says roli is stuck because of me. I will face everything. I will bring her back. Shaitan will know, his evil powers will lose. Simar places idol aside. She says shaitan I will bring what you wanted just to prove no matter how powerful you get, you are nothing in front of God.

Precap-Simar says I am here myself with the idol. Shaitan brings patali back. She laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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