Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sujata says we shouldn’t anything that would hurt roli. simar says we will go through it again and i know we are weak now but this is very important we can’t neglect what amar said. if its true then what happened to sid? and i am worried for roli as well. we wont tell her about these investigations. This wont hurt her and we will get to know the reality as well. mata ji says she is right. we have to conceal it from roli. Roli says in her room i have to stop these investigations or my promise will break.

They all look at the cake. roli says where is jeju? simar says he had to go our for some work. roli says we will wait for him, simar says anjali and sanju are waiting please cut the cake. mata ji says yes she is right. Roli says anjali sanju come lets cut the cake.

roli cuts the cake and take the piece to sid’s picture and says happy birthday to you. Roli is in tears. She eats it herself and says you would have bitten my finger a little. Simar says i can’t roli like this God. please give her strength to go through all this. i wish amar gets a proof that gets us to reality.

Scene 2
Amar and calendar are at the accident spot. amar says i am sure we will find something. amar says i feel like we are wasting time, cops didn’t find anything here. A man is looking at them. amar says we will find something i am sure. amar finds a wedding locket there. amar says i saw it on simar or roli i think? amr says but they jumped above the cliff how did it come here then? amar says don’t look back i think someone is watching us. Calendar turns back and says what? they see the man, he runs, amar says i asked you not to look back. They run after that man.
The man flees and hides behind bushes. anar and calendar can’t find him. mata ji says i know we gave consent that we wont tell roli about the investigations. but what if she gets to know? she will be hurt. Simar says don’t worry let this party end i will try to get her consent. prem comes in. Roli gives him cake. prem looks at the photo and says happy birthday sid. he eats the cake. Prem says roli i know that its sid’s birthday he must have brought some gift for you. He was elder than me but people always confused who is elder. so on his birthday as his brother and friend I want to say something, you will get all the rights that sid had in this house. you were daughter in law but now you are this house’s daughter. on his birthday i want you to fulfill his last wish. roli says what wish? He gives her a file.

Prem plays a video, sid says in it this is a gild for my roli. she must be planning a lot for my birthday. Everyone is happy to see him. sid says hi roli, I know this is filmy but my heart said there should be something different this time. I gave you no palace, or car or something, because i know you don’t want it. You are only interested in me. I think whole family must be watching this so hello everyone. i want to say this all because roli doesn’t let me speak usually. So lets start this video with everyone’s consent. few years ago, roli you married me and left your education amid. from this year you will resume your education and join our business after you complete it. He says you will make our business successful and take it to heights. He says i can tell that there are tears in roli’s eyes, i don’t now they are because of anger or happiness. i would swipe your tears from left but i am not there i am on your right. roli sees sid in front of her, he says you tigress i will always be here with you. He vanishes. Sid says in video don’t be mad roli we should says what we want to. life never gives us time this is why i am recording my message, roli is in tears.

Precap-prem says if sid is not here roli is our responsibility. If roli doesn’t want us to investigate then we wont. simar says pardon me but i wont let the investigations halt.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • sss

      but in on location video when amar telling to family simar tells dat da mangalsutra is hers… and i thnk da new entry of ssk and sid’s body gayab hone se oyi na koyi sambandh jarror hai and sid entry will be jaldi hoga. ssk me..

  1. sss

    aaj ka sbs and sbb segmnt deko simar is in mission frm dat new entry will come and sid entry also will be soon… twist ka tablet and serial express in sbs and sbb segmnts ume24 segmnts of todays

    • s

      frmm wer u get?// sry dear it cant hapn and actual twist depends on roli dat which sid said/ in intrvw…….

    • Jai

      Let roli simar prem nd amar die.. So even if writers don’t wrap up serial atleast we cud stop watching this dump yaar

  2. sumi

    I think roli knows so!etching about Maya and sid ????
    But I’m not sure ???
    Anyone know???

  3. mathu

    I saw in metromasti there is another villain appearing. In promo it was shown as roli going in a car at midnight by hiding her eyes with a cloth. Someone takes her I think. She knows sid is alive maybe.

  4. hema

    such a stupid story…without rosid ssk s nothing..sid roli ah…thy r supporting fr evil n not for true love…very stupid script..pls v want rosid episodes…

  5. Jai

    So guysssss…tell me..hws tdys episode.. Another torturing episode.. Do BW family belongs to humans.. I think no..tht much hpngs going on.. Even Mahabharata did not hav dis much pbms nd difficulties to face.. Why the hell in BW.. We all are hvng family..rit..!! Hav anyone faced situations like BW do.. Fed up man!!! Chaaaa… What kinda story thread… Feel like killing writers as well as all cast nd crew of this dump ssk..

  6. hema

    thy r making everyone fool…if tht trishul cannot kill maya thn y the hell thy showed 2 waste episodes of trishul..after falling from cliff also maya s not dead..ena koduma..

    • chillre

      vidhi inu evlo mosama ponalu india la pathi per pathutu irukangala atha evlo kandraviya kondu poranunga i thnk oru vela vijay tv serial director anga kutu senthutanungalo strtng nala vanchu aprm javu mitai ah poiruche ji

  7. [email protected]

    That new villan name is rajveer singh .. I think maya ‘s drama ends or somewhere gone sid is with that rajveer singh .. Doctor who said sid dead is rajveer’s men

  8. Cm’on..firstly simar ke number of vachans(promises) ne sb ki vat lga di nw roli..what the hell..they r making promises a big issue..

  9. hny

    Omg…y they r torturing us lyk this…really fed up with this track…bt 2day they showd sid even itz in video…felt smwat btr

  10. [email protected]

    Rajveer is a rich guy in this new drama and for improving his business he is using rosid i think so than y roli’s studies and business came into account aftr a long gap so iam thinking so.. Totally new track strtd in ssk

    • hny

      That means there vl be no nagin track ha? If itz true then i vl feel very happy…ssk writers plz leave those illogical nagin track and come back with natural elements and again start rosid luv track…then pakka ur serial trp vl go high….otherwise it vl loose identity sry already it lost its identity

      • s

        dnt know but some sayng sid becomes naag and it gave maya sid live together in article.. i thnk nagin track wont completed .. dont know exact what happening in ssk…

  11. sss

    guys with new entry and sid’s body missing and roli hiding some truth.. and with nagin track some relation is der… its right.. im sure dat some connection is der… what do u thnk guys??? whats ur opinion??

    • hny

      wat u said may bcm true yar…we knw cvs can do any thing…they can kill main leads and can bring back…roli itself gud xample fr dat..

    • hny

      i think shailu already left there z no scope fr him to itz entirly fild with nagin crap

  12. neetu

    Thry will kill evdryone one by one and at the end mataji will be left out and she wilk.kill.the writer.uff…drama khatam!!!

  13. Ooh…many mallus and tallus over here..!!! There are many Tamil nd Malayalam channels there.. But we watch Hindi serials and promotes it.. We are making mistakes I guess.. We hav many stupid serials in south then again why we see this disgusting ssk.

    • pragna

      not only mallus and tallus. the people who are in andhrapradesh and telangana (telugu) also watch this hindi serials.because in Telugu channels the stupid serials are telecasting.I think it will happen to tallus and mallus so they r watching Hindi serials

  14. sim

    U remember guys when roli saw sid’s body in hospital , then she holds his finger and then she holds his wrist.that time roli notice that the pulse z running and he z alive . And then they will mutually agree to be seperate for family sake.killing maya z also fake.

  15. Oh sim..that’s a nice guess…May be true.. But how killing with trishul will be fake..babaji said with help of trishul naagin will be killed and all.. If naagin drama did not end then whose this new villain entry.. If maya has powers like bringing back dead alive and all why she did not bring her nag husband back.. Script writers
    forget their past stories I guess.. We don’t.. That’s our problem.. To watch serials like this we should have short term memory loss.. So we can’t remember last days episode and then we will atleast feel some continuity.. Anyways this serial is nothing but a crap.. But still we are discussing about the track and wasting our time and energy.. But no use.. The crew won’t understand the feeling of true fans if ssk and rosid..

  16. pragna

    now we were talking like this because we was some angry on ssk writers.because they seperated rosid.but when they get unite then we will say this is my favorate dont scold ssk

    • We are scolding ssk not only bcs they separated rosid.. They are telling things that don’t happens in real life… The serial happens in this century.. Right??? This incidents we had not heard in 15th century either.. When they say stupid things we too will hate them

  17. pragna

    yes u r family face all the problems which does not happen in real life.but it was my favorite serial

  18. sandya

    guys in ssk main page dey gave dat siddanth turn into snake and lives with maya… toi video.. by dis sid is naag know… so im gng to stop watchng ssk,,,… der is no possible for rosid union… dey seperated frevr…. so frm tdy im not gng to see ssk….. bye bye……and wats da use of new vilanentry in bw family.. and sid also naag and -ve character… i hate u cvs… bye bye… now anyone have any hopes in rosid reunion…???

  19. Jai

    Yes sandya.This all was confirmed few days back itself.Thats why hate ssk now.terrible story naa??? Along with al evils new evil entry..fantastic twists. Ratio for gud vs evil is 1:10 in ssk. Thts y fed up wit this story line.bakwaas. Get d hel out of colors yaar

    Hey sa thts a gud news… Great to hear abt trp decreased. They thght tht maya crap was d resn for show
    success nd made her center of atrctn
    nd made dis serial d worstest among al others. Idiots. Every viewers were watching dis show just to know whthr der wil b rosid reunion. Nothing else.
    Nw atleast let them try to understand
    d truth.

  20. hny

    Yahoo!!!! datz gud news hw can they expect high trp when rosid seperated… one segment mataji told dat nagin is d reason fr incresing trp…i felt like hell when i heard dat words…ssk cast n crew frgt rosid…they dnt know rosid z reason fr trp incresing

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