Sasural Simar Ka 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says thank you God for bringing me closer to my daughter. She does arti in the room. Khushi comes in and says Anju why is there so much smoke? Anjali points at Simar. Khushi says I thought there is some fire. Anjali says she has lit fire in my life. Khushi says don’t worry. Khushi says Simar you should know Anjali my doll is allergic to this smoke. Take it out. Simar says for you this is smoke but this is mata rani’s blessing. This can’t harm anyone.
Simar says to Anjali good morning then we will do breakfast in the hall. Anjali says I do breakfast here. Simar says okay Khushi bring some milk and fruits for Anjali. Anjali says I don’t like milk, i get coffee. SImar says I will decide what you eat according to the rules. Simar says Khushi bring

the breakfast. Khushi says now you will order me? Simar says if you want me to break the rules and go to kitchen i can. Khushi says fine I am making it.
Simar says to Anjali you have to wake up early.

At Kapoor house, Sumit says where is Piyush? Piyush comes in formal and says here I am. I have decided I will join your office. That will keep me busy at least. Sumit says fantastic decision. Piyush touches him feet. Sumit hugs him. Rohan says so good bro. Sumit says I know you will be so good for our company. Roshni says congratulations. Now we will need an appointment to meet you? Piyush says you won’t get it though.

Khushi is making the breakfast. she says oh I have an idea. Khushi serves Simar the breakfast. Simar eats it and starts coughing. Simar says water.. Khushi says what happened? I eat spicy, you better used to it. Simar says Khushi please bring water. Anjali says you are not allowed to go to water. Simar says please bring me water. Anjali says I can’t go to kitchen. Simar says Jhanvi.. Bhabhi.. Someone gives her water. She drinks it. Its Prem. Prem says I would do this to anyone, any beggar. Simar says and I am thankful like that beggar. Anjali says fantastic breakfast KB. Make it like this every day.

Rita says why are you giving this Piyush job in your office? Look at his attitude. He gets mad a lot. And you are giving him such important post. Sumit says you know what I think you are right. Piyush is this way.. but only in your eyes. In these years you couldn’t see simar’s good nature, how can you see Piyush. You see people the way you are. Rita says but.. Sumit says let’s go Piyush.

Scene 2
Anjali is getting ready. Simar says where are you going? Anjali says none of your business. Simar says that’s rule no. 1. You have to ask me wherever you go. Anjali says so I won’t go to my best friend’s party? Simar says you can. but you have to take me. Anjali says are you serious? Simar says yes I am very serious.

Sumit says this is your office, and this is the file of the project. Piyush says thank you so much. You are giving me this project. Sumit says I have faith in you that is why I am giving you this project. Sumit says I would keep your faith high. Sumit hugs him. Sumit says all the best. Let me know if you need anything.
Piyush calls Simar and tells her about the job. Simar says this is a responsibility. Don’t do any mistake. Anjali sneaks out and goes to KB’s room.
Anjali says KB that woman has ruined my mood. I don’t wanna go to Shanaya’s birthday now. KB says I am here. KB says something. Anjali says good idea. She doesn’t know I am here. I should go back now.
Simar says Piyush I will call you later. Anjali says make sure you don’t sit on my bed again. And because of your rules I won’t miss the party. You can’t come with me this way. You should have some class. SImar says okay beta I will change. Anjali says don’t call me beta. Thats your Piyush.
Anjali changes the dress. Khushi says wow KB you look so good. Pari says this dress looks so good on you. Khushi says where is your so cold ma? Anjali says the dress I asked her to wear she won’t be able to come. Pari says this idea was so good. Anjali says exactly. Anjali says I should leave now. Simr comes downstairs and says Anjalu. Simar is wearing a black skirt and crop top with it.

Precap-Anjali stops the car and says can you buy me a water bottle? Simar gets out. Anjali leaves. Simar tries to stop a car. Some thugs tease her. A car stops near Simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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