Sasural Simar Ka 19th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sujata says she took my kids with her as well. Simar recalls roli and anjali. She recalls prem saying you are here for us. Simar says this can’t happen. She says please stand up we can’t give up like this. We will bring them back and complete our family. Simar says no matter what happens end has to be good. this can’t be the end of all this. Karuna says what you mean? Simar says there is a solution to get out of this trouble. I am not sure we will get out of it or not. But we will find a clue. Amar says what solution are you talking about? simar says i met baba he told me there was a witch hundreds of years ago. She was killings kids where she lived. When people complained the ruler and it came to ruler’s own kids, he united a lot of people and they burnt

that witch. They made this dagger with her ashes. He says if this dagger touches a witch she dies but if a witch’s blood drips on it no one knows what will happen. Mohini knew it.
Simar says something has happened about which we don’t know at all. Mata ji says what has happened and where? What has it got to do with us? Simar says i don’t have an answer right now. But all i know is that there is some connection of ashes and dagger. Amar says if this is an old story we will find it somewhere in history. I am bringing my laptop.
Karuna says i think we should cal guru ji here once. uma says yes she is right. Mata ji says okay call guru ji.

They search online and find a painting that has witch’s story written on it. They find out her name was indrawati. she was from rajhistan. She wanted to marry king, but he loved his wife. She married someone else and sacrificed her husband on the wedding night and became a witch. Sankalp says there is nothing after it. Amar says is there some place mentioned? Amar says bharawpair. Sattu says what place is that? Never heard of it. Amar says give me the number and name of owner of the painting. Sankalp says its ananji. we will go to that place. Amar calls inspector.

Scene 2
Amar simar leave for the place. Amar says this place is so bleak lets go from here. Simar says lets go out and check. They hear some voice. Simar says lets follow it. They see a lady there cutting woods. she gets scared. Simar says we are looking for someone. Don’t get scared of us. She has her faced hidden. Simar says there is some woman ananji. can you tell us where she lives? She has an old painting. If you know where she lives please tell us. the woman lives. simar says why she ran away. simar and amar sit in the car and leave. The woman watches them from the forest.
Amar and simar see a house. they ring the bell but no one opens. Simar says maybe anaji is not home. Amar the house looks same. I feel like we will find some clue here. Amar shoves the door, the door is open. Amar says lets go.
The lady sees them and says they went inside. This is not right.
Simar says the paintings are so good. Suddenly simar sees something and screams.
They see a man on his chair. His eyes are open and he is looking up. The man is dead. Amar calls police. Simar says what is happening. Cops take paintings out with them. Simar sees the woman and says she is the same woman who was cutting woods there. She says you dont know what this painting can do. this painting killed anaji.
Inspector says come in front of us and tell here. And how can a painting kill him. Cop says she looks mad. She starts running. Amar says we should go. Simar says there is something about this painting. That woman knows something about the paiting. Amar says this is just a painting how can it kill someone. Simar says no whatever we read about it and what baba said has similarities. We should take this with us. talk to cops i am going after that woman.
Simar runs after the woman. she says stop please. She turns back and is scared to see simar.

Precap-Mata ji says we will do as you ask guru ji. Guru says we will do pooja. We will kill this evil and for that I.. He stops and sees some people coming in bharadwaj house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Bring rosid back pls don’t drag ssk came to 5th place,udaan 4th,swaragini and saathiya 3rd,meri aashiqui tum se hi 2nd ,kumkum bhagya rocks fav kkb,matsh,ask,ek tha raja ek this Rani.

  2. guys according to sbs segment trp chart ssk is in 5th position and in color’s its 4th position 1.kumkumbagya
    2.meri ashqui tumse hi
    3.swaragini, saath nibhana saathiya
    4. udaan
    5. sasural simar ka
    ssk trp decresed this week .. please cvs ab toh samjo bring rosid back…. missing rosid bring them back in ssk..

  3. week 36 trp barc ratings.
    gec list
    colors 386518
    starplus 370135
    kumkum bagya 4.8
    saathiya 3.8
    uddan 3.7
    ssk 3.6
    matsh 3.5
    swaragini 3.5

  4. the above trp’s is according to barc ratings
    which is correct i dont no but ssk trp is decreased its correct news

  5. guys i dont no wat is going in ssk there is no trace of rosid.. and now its about old story where dayan loves king but he loves his wife and that lady married some person and killed her husband and became dayan and killed all.. now the history is repeating .. and i think kahi aisa toh nahi hai that king and his wife are premar. if its like that it means again premar track came.. is ssk cvs have any idea to bring rosid in the show or not… they are giving to much pain to rosidians… i hate ssk cvs,.. want to kill them..

  6. y the lady see simar in socked expresion? any relation in simar and that painting?so sad for ssk trp decreased but next week trp increase only rosid back so plz bring rosid in ssk plz plz plz…………………….

  7. is that lady is daayan? and what is the painting about?? why pandith ji shocked to see the the painting the persons who bring it into house….. what is there in painting

  8. Bring rosid back

  9. Even am confused and tat kungath wala lady opened her kunghat and she was shocked and dashed on seeing simar as if she is dayaan……

  10. I dnt know y she was shocked on seeing simar…..

  11. I think simar was the queen in the past. And maybe she killed the witch in the past or something for which the lady got shocked.

  12. Iam getting irritated day by day.y cant they just rosids back and continue their stupid dayan track

  13. may be king and queen are premar and queen killed dayan but dont clear…..

  14. Year please bring Rosie back

  15. Sandya u said know tat rosid premar ishveer swara Ragini laksh sanskar ect all r performing for ganesh chadurthi wen is tat program?????

  16. without rosid ssk is boring plz bring them back…

  17. Such a dreadful track they r running currently……….

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