Sasural Simar Ka 19th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 19th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 19th October 2013 Written Update

Meghna says that she is with women with whom injustice is done. Simar and Janvi are happy. Simar says hearing this seems like she will help us. They look for Roli, but she is not there anywhere.

Pari and her mum are gossiping in their room and eating secretly. Mataji, Mausiji, Sujata knock their door. Pari hides all leftover food and opens the door. Mataji and others came there with food as well. Pari’s mum says in her mind she is already full and can’t eat anything more. Mataji says its not solution to stay hungry. Pari’s mum makes excuse that she kept fast today. Mausiji says you can eat fruit at least. Pari’s mum doesn’t want to eat, but Mausiji feeds her forcefully.. and with that she teases her too saying they are imported.. came from business class.


and Simar meet Meghna. She says, we are very confident that you will help us and do justice. Meghna says, whose speech you heard.. was Meghna Singhania.. a public figure.. and whom you are asking for help is a sister. How can a sister get his brother punished.. especially when he didn’t do any mistake. He asks Janvi if Sourya ever forced her. She says she went to Sourya with her choice. Janvi tries to explain herself but Meghna asks her to say in yes or no. Janvi says no. Meghna says when a girl goes to someone with her choice.. there is nothing much you can do. Sourya must have realized that she is not of his class.. so he broke up with her. and a person has choice to pick what he wants. Simar says she can’t believe this is same Meghna who was talking about women’s rights and freedom in front of media. Simar says it was just to make your impression.. in reality you’re something else. Simar continues, I agree Janvi went to Sourya but that’s because he kept coming to her again and again.. making her realise his love for her by writing love letters.. and even threatening to give up his life. Any girl would melt down after all this. Simar says love is not a toy that you break anyone’s heart just like that. Meghna says, my brother is not a statue either that you slap him whenever you wish and then love him. She blames Janvi for everything and says you talk about sanskaar.. where her values were when she spent a night with a person whom she hated so much 2 days ago. Simar raises her voice, but Meghna tells her to keep her voice down. Meghna suggests them to forget everything and end this matter right here. She is leaving, but stops as she hears Sourya’s laugh. Sourya comes there with his friends. He tells Janvi, I found out today how silly you are.. you’re still hoping that Sourya will come back in your life. He says sorry.. some dreams remain as dreams. Simar takes Janvi’s side and tells Sourya he will get punished for what he did.. they won’t spare him easily. They will go to police. Sourya says what will you say to them? I didn’t do any crime.. Janvi came to me herself.. I have many proofs to prove that.. and there is no proof for our marriage. Meghna is shocked. Sourya continues, if you still want to go to police.. then you can. Whatever I did was right.. she deserves this. Sourya and his friends leave. Meghna says in her mind, Sourya married Janvi? She seems angry now.. and leaves from there.

Roli finally comes there. She sees tears in Janvi’s and Simar’s eyes and asked them what happened. Janvi falls down on her knees. Roli tells Janvi you won’t cry anymore.. its time to teach him a lesson and break his ego.. we will teach him such a lesson that he won’t even think about doing this to anyone else. Janvi wipes her tears and joins hands with Roli and Simar.

Bharadwajs return home from dusera function. Prem asks for Simar. Pari says they still didn’t return. Mataji asks Prem to call Simar and right then Simar, Janvi, and Roli enter. Simar says, due to dusera, there was too much traffic and crowd in stores. They have nothing in their hands.. Mausiji asks where all stuff is. Roli says Janvi didn’t like anything from any store so we had to come with empty hands. Janvi, Roli, Simar all go to rest now. Mausiji says in her mind, there is something for sure.. they all look tensed. Will have to find it out.

Meghna comes to Sourya’s room and slaps him. Sourya is shocked! He says, you may be my elder sister, but I didn’t give anyone right to slap me. Meghna says I didn’t expect this from you… you married that Janvi? If you wanted to take revenge, you could.. it’s fine, but what is this? Janvi came to our house with others.. you didn’t learn anything from me. If you start any work, then you finish it. That random nurse came to our door with her family members..and asked for justice in front of media.. do you have a clue what would happen if media had found out about it? All these luxuries that you’re getting would have been gone.. I want you to clear all this mess before they come here again because there is no guarantee that we will be lucky once again. She leaves.

Precap: Roli says she can’t think of any way to teach a lesson to Sourya and Meghna. Simar says they will have to do something so Janvi gets justice and no harm come on their family. Roli asks how they will do that. Mausiji comes there and says she can help them.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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