Sasural Simar Ka 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
The men have grasped the bride. she says leave me. They bring the guy too and say mukhia ji will decide what will happen to you both now. Mukhiya syas we are men of our words. This girl was supposed to marry hadesh’s son? But she tried to run wit radhysham’s boy. She please. Mukhiya syas radhysham you know we respect women. We cant hit her. your son will be punished for all this solely. I know he is your only son. I leave his decision up to you. keep in mid its about the respect of our village. The man points gun at his son. The guy says what are you doing dad. He kills his son. The bride cries kalpesh kalpesh.. Mukhiya syas you are so justified radhysham. Vikrant comes there. The girl syas this cant happen. Vikrant sees the dead boy and his dead. he says radhysham

you have preserved the respect of village. you have lost a son but have got one as well. He hugs him.

Scene 2
Sid and prem go to Mubai police station the inspector says we have started wrking on the case. sattu and sankalp are in hariyana and cops are cooperating with them as well. Roli goes to man and says I am Rigini patra journalist from daily news. He says yea please sit. She says I am covering a story about lawyer. it will have refernces of the case that are considerd milestone. I have his name in my list too. He says this is vikrant. He fought a case of a village. All the lawyers denied the case but he took it. some businessmen where trying to sieze the land of that small town. Vikrant fought the case against them and got them the village. since then they all respect him so much. roli says is that tha village vikrant talked about. roli says where is that village? he tells him its dharampura and its quite dangerous. He says don’t go after evening. roli says thank you.

Roli is on her way to the village. she recalls all her good times with simar. She asks the driver to stop the car. The driver takes his fare and leaves. Roli goes into the jungle which is the way to the village. She says please give me strength God. Wind blows and simar’s red duppata falls on her head. she is shocked to see it. She syas that means vikrant took her from here.

Vikrant brought simar to the village. he says siamr if you do something here Anjali will be in trouble. Mukhiya ji and rest of the men welcome him. They says why didn’t you come since long. he says I was missing you that I why I came here to live with you. simar run from the back. She is in the jungle her duppata got stuck and she left it there.

Roli syas I will reach didi no matter what happens. Roli falls she hears some wild animals howling.
She tries to run. she sits at a place in tiresome. she takes out her bottle but its empty. she syas there is no lake or river around. she stands up. She starts moving again and finds a gate where some men are standing. she says is that the village? She says why are these guards with guns and sticks. Her phone starts ringing. The guards are alerted. Roli calls sd. He asks whats wrong/ she says promise me you wont be mad at me. she syas I am in a village to look for didi. He says whom are you with? she syas I will tell you everything I am all right. I will call you later. She says I should go forward. a guard says its time to celebrate. Our greatest man has such an important day. He is like our God. roli says this means virkant is here.

Precap-vikrant sees simar. he says what is this? roi says you are ravan how could you forget that ravan could never get seta. Let me leave or I will kill this woman.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This serial is sooo stupid !!!! I guess that These actors are acting only for money n they don’t like the storyline! People have started hating this show .. why do keep dragging the same scene for days ???
    Its better to stop this serial now

  2. Yeah make it a happy ending n pls end it by November.. Dnt drag it… Very boring story..

  3. the colours channel spoil the good serial and talented actors future also who ever acting these serials first madhubala and that actors after rangrasiya and its actors now sasural .
    please end the serial we do not want a proper ending what ever end the audience will decided as their imagination please put some cini songs in this time slot that is better

  4. Ya it’s very much boring….pls unite prem and simar..

  5. also colors please learn how to make a story,screenplay etc for a serial from
    TAMIL serials like Vani Rani, Anandam etc.

  6. its too boring please unit simar and prem and end the serial with happiness

  7. dont make vikrant a antihero he is so good prem is not a raman nor vikrant is ravan

  8. simar I like ur acting but I was unable watch dis serial anymore plz plz end da serial yer….

  9. Rasha sanaya barun

    OMG! Pls stop dis crap drama

  10. Kehneka matlab ye hai ki…he maatharaani sab ko iss bakhwas serial se bachaav.

  11. Everyone stop watching this .waste of time…watch Hamsafars in soni tv at 8.30pm. It is good. U will like it

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