Sasural Simar Ka 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aarav calls Ananiya and says we can’t give up like this. I am sorry on mom’ behalf.
Ridhima says I am sorry Ananiya. All this is happening because of me.
Piyush says arav don’t worry. We will find a way out. He says Roshni I wrote everything on this paper. You have to call and say all this.
Roshni calls pari frojm an unknown number. She says hi I am Shokha. From kitty. Pari says but I have your number. What happened to your voice. She says I have flu nothing else. I heard you told me your son is engaged. I heard she is from london. You scored a sixer. You are the only one who has got a daughter in law from london Pari is silent. SHe says in heart she is right. Roshni says you would have so much high standard in us now. Please ask her to bring me something

from there. Uma and Khushi see roshni. They send pari there. Arav Piyush and Roshni are dazed.
Simar comes and says what happened? Pari says this roshni was fooling me. This is too much.

Scene 2
Tina says I am so happy sam. i can’t tell you how happy I am to see this news. Sam says wait for more. We will ruin that anjali even more.

In Bahradwaj house, everyone sees the news of Anjali’s fraud and arrest. They are all dazed. Mataji says call vikram and ask if this all is right.
Simar calls vikram. He says everything is over mom. i didn’t want to worry you but this is out of my hands now. This is all true. Anjali has ruined our family name. She is bailed out. Simar says I don’t know how to apologize and thank you. I am with you.

Anjali says my skin is so allergic now. That jail had so many mosquitoes. Vikram comes in. Raju comes and give anjali a letter. the beauty contest comittee has called a press conference. She says this is a good chance. She gets ready.
Vikram says I wanna give you an advice. Please don’t go anywhere. Stay away from spotlight for some days. She says don’t tell me what should i do. Don’t tell me what I should do. She leaves.

Simar gets a call. She hears it and runs somewhere.
Anjali comes to the contest committee with her crown. Lilly says come come everyone is waiting for you. Tina and Sam are there too. Anjalli says what are they doing here? Lilly says the board has decided to take your crown back. Anjali is dazed. Reporter says another shock for anjali. Anjali says on what basis can you do this?
Judge a woman who is an inspiration can wear this crown. you are not that.
Tina says everyone knows what you did with me. You are exposed in front of everyone. Anjali says what?
Tina says her first lie was that she is single but she was married. Board gave her another chance. She fooled sam as well. And the worst she did with me. Whatever happened with me anjali was behind it. Reporter says what kind of woman are you anjali. Shame on you and your mother.
Anjali says shut up tina this is a lie. Anjali is about to to slap her. Tina throws her hand away. Tina says I have proofs.
Auntie please come in. Simar comes inside. Tina says I beg for your help auntie. Please tell everyojne what anjalu did with me. Please tell everyone. I want justice. Simar says Tina is right. Whatever happened with TIna Anjali did that all. Anjali is shocked.

Precap-Anjali says to Simar you want to make yourself great. I considered you a mother and gave you another chance. But you proved again that you don’t love me at all. You are so selfish. Enough. I don’t need a mother like you anymore.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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