Sasural Simar Ka 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says you have all become so boring. We haven’t done our mango party we do at roof every year. Karuna says she is right. Simar says I have prepared everything. Khushi says let me go bring ice cream. Khushi says I mean let me clean the roof. Sankalp says I am going with her as well.

Sid says roli I feel so alone without you. Every year it would so much fun with you. I feel like I have no right on this happiness. Sattu says sid where are you going? Sid says I am going to room. Maani says it would be good if you join us too. You are sad about roli. Mata ji says sid will come. Simar(bee) says please dont listen to them. Everyone is ready. They enjoy the mangoes. Maani says moon has to come out. Fake simar says tonight is ours don’t worry.
Karuna says simar

come play antakshari with us. And bring maani to. Maani says soon I will know. They all play antakshari. Khushi sings. Mata ji says carry on. prem goes to sid and asks him to come.
Simar(bee) says I have to know too who has maani’s powers.
Prem says I know your pain sid but you can’t stay away from family. Sid says this lonliness is my friend now. you remember how fun she was. I feel lonely in crowd too. Prem says make her memories your strength not weakness. Sid recalls his moments with roli.
Everyone is singing songs. Prem says for roli you have to come with us.

Moon comes out. maani notices everyone. She says none of them. So its either prem or sid. moon hides again. Sid and prem come.Mata ji says come sit with us. Eat ice cream. Sid says no. Moon comes out. khushi says lets go downstairs everyone.
Sid’s back shines. Simar(bee) sees it. She says this means sid has her powers. Maani says they can’t leave. I have to know who has my powers. Simar(bee) says I have to distract them. They shouldn’t look at sid. Simar stings in maani’s eyes. Fake simar says what happened maani? Maani sees sid. Fake simar says what happened? Maani says sid has my powers. this means.. everything was right. Sid has those powers. Simar(bee) says she knows it. no. what will she do now. Fake simar says to get your powers back you will kill sid now? Maani says no I will be his life. We will be one on poornimaa night. fake simar says but sid loves roli he will never love you. Maani says I don’t care. I don’t have to marry him. I just want my powers back. Fake simar says he won’t let you come near him. Maani says you will help me with it. You are simar. They all listen to simar. you have appreciate me in front of everyone. Fake simaar says but thats too hard. Maani says you have to make it possible. Sid is very sad, he needs a shoulder. I will be that shoulder.

Precap-Prerna says simar.. mata ji.. Everyone is happy to see her back. Maani says how did she come back, simar(bee) says thank you God.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Day to day going worse…leave sid alone dnt make him jodi…sid is only for roli….dnt hurt rosidians…prena and chandramani is unwanted characters…get out of them…r pls end ssk…

  2. atlast today they made sid to remember his roli…bt plz CVS v r begging..leave roli’s sid alone…no need any pair to him…he can live with his roli memories..plz don’t hurt rosidians…day by day its going to b disgusting..I came here to read wu first tym after roli I came to know sid remebrd his roli….ssk trp came to 1.6 ..its better it should b air off before reaching 0

  3. How did sid got mani’s power? And please leave him alone he’ll survive with Roli’s memories.

  4. yes honey u r 100% r8 dear

  5. All r right pls leave sid alone he must be alone only prena is to ugly aword and etc.. No need pair for him

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