Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says this network, how will I contact Amar now. Khushi says to simar, you said everything will be okay. What was happening. Please do something. Simar says please
calm down, we just have to stay with each other atm. Malti says this is stupid Khushi. Nothing will happen. Amar is peeking in front window. He says I can’t go in but I have to meet simar. He tries to get simar’s attention. simar sees him.
Khushi says simar forgive me but I can’t do all this anymore. I can’t risk sankalp’s life for a piece of stone. I will give her the maani. Sankalp says you wont do this. Simar syas she has made her mind. Khushi takes out the stone. Sankalp says no khushi.
Khushi gives the maani to malti. She says I told you simar I will get all the

parts. Now you and your mata ji are left only. Madhvi says both of you go now. Sankalp says we will never leave our family. Mata ji says sankalp, dont be stubborn. you have to go from here. Sankalp says we wont go, Mata ji says for me you have to. He and Khushi leave. Amar says no to simar.

Its only mata ji prem jhanvi and simar in house. Mata ji starts coughing. Roli and amar peek in from window. Simar sees there are no medicines. Simar says we are out of meds. Jhanvi says yes there aren’t any. Prem says this is all done by malti. Simar says what should we do now. Roli says give us the prescription we will bring it. Prem brings prescription, it starts flying. prem tries to get it but it floats in the air. Malti laughs. She says her live will burst with coughs. Can’t you give me that maani for her life? Simar says I beg you don’t do this. Let mata ji go. Malti says now you have only on day left. After that not even a moment. Tell me your decision by tomorrow.

Next morning, Simar says mata ji’s condition is worsening. Jhanvi says she is not getting medicines. Madhvi says why are you coloring your hands with her blood. you will kill her. Mata ji says simar don’t listen to them. Devika gave you that maani with so much trust. Prem says we will never forgive ourselves. Simar says mata ji give your part of maani to her. Mata ji says no I cant. SImar says I will never give her my part. Mata ji says I dont want her to trouble you. I will bear. Simar says please prem ji convince her. Simar says you have to do this for me. I give you my swear. Mata ji says don’t do this with me. Mata ji says God, I give you simar’s protection. Pardon me. Jahnvi and simar take her to room. Mata ji gives Malti that part. Simar says jahnvi take mata ji and take care of her. Malti says stop. Malti says one more thing. If you want her life give me the other part as well. Prem says what you mean? Malti says why so angry? We are friends. Her life worths two pieces. Simar says this is wrong. You can’t harm her anymore. she gave you your part. Let her go. Malti says I can do whatever I want to. This is my game so my rules. Give me this last part as well. Or wait for her to die. She his mata ji with some laser. Mata ji feels pain in her heart. Simar says okay I am giving you my part. She takes it out. Suddenly door opens. A tantrik comes in.

Precap-Tantrik does a pooja. Malti says now he will come. Kal pisaj enters the house blowing trumpet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I just dont get this show ever… Hatred brought me here amd made me comment… Hate this show so much.. Seriously dragging this show with all bullshit crap .. Like bhoot maya atma tantrik ..whenever by mistake I turn to colors this show peeps out and all the creepy drama.. No story .. Cant it just end? Is the cast so much bonded with each other?? Huh?

  2. hey pls end this serial nothing is there they just dragging

  3. I watched the series when sara khan was introduced and i found that bit interesting. I stopped to watch it when maya left, but i read sometimes summaries and I am absolutely puzzled. Are people still watching this bullshit?

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