Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli says to Simar we have to find the truth. SHe looks for the number in her clutch. She is worried when she can’t find it. Simar says who can take it. Maybne khushi took it. Maybe that’s the reason why she came yesterday. She doesn’t want us to meet him. Roli says maybe sonia is with khushi she was at home. Simar says what can we do now. She says I took a photo of that note. She calls that number. His wife says that we are leaving the city. SHe says he will be abck after 2 or 3 days. Khsuhi listens their conversation. She calls someone and tells him something.

Scene 2
Jhanvi is in the lounge she remembers how anurag proposed her. She feels bad about hurting him. She recalls prem saying him that he must be a nice guy. Simar comes to her. Jhanvi says

anurag said he will kepp me happ. What about him > What will give him ? Nothing. I will never be able to love him. It will be unjust to him. Simar says its all upto you. No one will force you. Simar is about to go jhanvi says can you tell him that I consider him my friend and I can’t hurt him. Simar asks for her phone and calls anurag. She says jhanvi has decided that she doesn’t wanna marry you. HE says okay and disconnects the call. Jhanvi saus I hope he understands.

Scene 3
The lady comes in and says I am shanto arora. Anurags mom. Mata ji asks her to sit. Everyone wonders what is she here for ? SHe says you all must be wondering what am I doing here. Anurag hasn’t sent me he doesn;t even know. I couldn’t see him upset so I found you address. First time Anurag showed interest in someone but jhanvi said him no. Mata ji says we are helpless in front of her decision we can’t force her. She says yeah you are right. Relatioships are made with love. She says I would like to meet Jhanvi.
Roli and Simar go to the kitchen. Roli says we have to go to meet krishna we have to meet him,. Uma says simar please make the drinks. Simar and uma serve her. Roli says we have to stop him from leaving the city. Khushi wonders what they are planning now. Roli calls krishna and says we have guests at our house can you please come near bharadwaj house. He says no I am getting late. Roli insists. He says okay but I won’t stay for long.
Pari comes downstairs with jhanvi. Mata ji says this is anurag’s mom. She says I am proud of my son’s choice. Jhanvi says pardon me aunty if my decision hurt you but this is the right one. She says can I talk to her alone. Uma takes them to the room.
Roli wonders how can she out. The lady asks whats wrong with anurag ? Please consider me your mom. She says anurag is such a nice guy. Jhanvi says did he tell you about me ? She says yeah he did. You should forget the past. He always makes good decision. I assure you that he won’t ever give up and will always support you. Understand his love as you did his friendship. Rest is up to you.
Sujata says I am so worried. Simar says don’t be maa. Jhanvi will handle everything. She is wise. Roli wonders how can she leave the house.

Precap-Krishna says that soni came to my house and asked me to leave the city. Roli says that means that she is not sonia. Roli and simar say to sonia that we know the truth now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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