Sasural Simar Ka 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar does arti. She touches mataji’s feet. Simar says I am sorry mata ji you had to go through all this. mataji says I wasn’t scared i knew God would be with us. This is blessing that Amar sent me to hospital and Prem came out of that cave. Stay happy. Give everyone arti. She touches Sujata’s feet. Sujata says I can’t give you blessings for this child. Rajhinder says why are you saying that? Khushi says we have decided that this child won’t come in this house. Sujata says you have to get this child aborted. Sujata says yes thats what I want. Prem says what are you saying. Sujata says thats for everyone’s better. Simar drops arti plate. Mataji says are you out of your mind? Sujata says we know what we felt when we lost you. Karuna says and then we

almost lost Prem. Amar says everything is over. Sujata says how can you say that? There is no doubt that this child in her womb is Kaal. Mataji says enough of this nonsense. This child isn’t even born. We shouldn’t forget this is simar and Prem’s child. Sujata says this isn’t Prem’s blood. This is Kaal. Please. I am a mother too I know your pain simar but this child, if he is born we wont be able to live. Abort him. Prem says maa.. Pari says we are all with maa. Prerna says this is too much how can you do this? Baba said child is blank, everything depends on how you raise him. Prerna says why aren’t you saying anything simar? Simar says all I know is that this child is my and Prem’s dream. I want to bring him to this world. Sujata says if that’s your decision then give birth to him. but if this child lives here then I won’t. And nor will I let anjali and sanju live here. I dont want them to suffer because of this child. Karuna says I will leave the house too. Simar none of you has to go. If someone will leave it will be me. prem says lets go. Mataji says no one will go anywhere. I am alive. I take decisions here. Don’t even think about leaving, any of you. I will decide and let you all know.

Scene 2
Mata ji has invited a baba. Mataji says you know everything. I am sure you have solution of this problem. He asks simar to show her hand. Baba puts some spices in her hand and reads a mantra. Baba says that child.. it has no evil parts. Simar is happy and relieved. Baba says this child is as pure as simar. It has not shades of evil in it. But after some time their parents have to face trouble. Some evil powers try to catch this child. Prem says you are right. Kids are pure. they up bringing makes them what they are. Prem says I will always be with you Simar. Simar says when you are with me I am not scared of anything. We will make our dream true. Baba says don’t decide hastily. This is true that when this child is born you and prem will face difficulties. Are you ready to face them? Prem says yes. We will face anything. Baba says I should leave now. Baba leaves.

Simar is fainting. Mataji holds her. Prem calls the doctor. Doctor checks her and says they are both okay. Mataji says why she fainted? Khushi says because of the child. Doctor says what? This is normal in pregnancy. You have to take care she doesn’t take any stress. Try to keep her happy.
Khushi says this decision is wrong. This child has always given her pain. Sujata says Khushi is right. Prenra says fainting is normal in pregnancy. pari says we are all mothers. When a woman is pregnant her face glows but look at simar. Uma says this child is hurting her. Prem says enough you all. Prem says I wont hear a word against my child now. Simar did so much for all of you now you all are unhappy with her happiness? Cant we keep her away from stress? Mataji tries to calm prem down. Prem says this child will come in this world. I don’t care if someone wants or not.

Precap-Simar stops a man and says where are you taking my child? She sees its prem. Simar says give me my child or I will kill myself. SHe says you all have problem with him right? I will leave this house with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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