Sasural Simar Ka 19th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says on call to simar how is that possible they were both unconscious. Simar says we came home after some 15 minutes, when I talked to you. Where can that girl go in this time. roli says maybe she didn’t go anywhere. Simar says you mean tat girl is in this house. Roli says yes. Simar says I guess you are right. I have to look through karthik’s room. I will talk to you later.

Simar goes to karthik’s room and sees that he isn’t there. She says this is the right time I must look fro that girl. Karthik comes out of washroom, simar goes out. He says on call what happened at night wasn’t good. Reach the highway. I will be there with the girl in two hours. He goes to bathroom again. Simar goes inside his room and says I have to find the girl before

he comes out. Simar opens the closest but the girl is not there. simar says where can she go then.

Scene 2
Prem is waking Anjali up for school. She says I don’t wanna go to school. Anjali says no I will talk to massi first she will let me talk to mama. Sid comes in and says you mean surbhi mama, she says no surbhi is not my mom. she points at simar’s picture and says she is my mom. sid wonders why roli said that she will let her talk to simar.

Surbhi and roli are talking about anaji. Sid calls roli, she says I think you are missing me a lot today. How is Anjali ? She doesn’t wanna go to school I guess. sid says she is saying she wanna talk to simar and you said her so. Why you said her that she can talk to simar. she is a little girl she will understand what we show her. Roli says give Anjali the phone I will talk to her. Roli asks Anjali how are you ? Roli says I told you that mama is playing game with us and she will lose if we disclose about her. don’t talk about her to anyone. Anjali says okay I won’t and I will go to school as well. Surbhi says I wanna talk to Anjali to. Anjali says no I don’t wanna talk to her. Roli says she is getting late for school, prem will call you later.

Scene 3
Simar says I will talk to roli and tell her that karthik is going to the highway. Sanju comes and say I am ready fro school. vikran says serve the breakfast and then I will drop sanju to school. baa says some people are coming to see karthik at the dinner. vikran says you must inform karthik. Baa says yeah I will. Karthik is leaving in a hurry. vikran ask where are yolu going ? He says I am in a hurry I will out some where. Simar says no breakfast is ready. baa says yeah I ache to talk to you as well. Baa says to karthik a girl and her family is coming to see you.karthik says I don’t wanna get married now. karthik is leaving. Siamr says I have to go to temple can you leave me there ? He says of course. I am going from the same path.

Karthik and simar sit in the car. he backend of the car s open. Simar says close it karthik. He has placed the girl in it. He is trying to lock it. Simar coms out of the car. He is shocked to see her. simar asks is everything okay ? He says yeah its not closing well. Anyhow lets go we are late already.
karthik drops simar at the temple. simar prays to get the strength to find the truth. She sees another car and sits in and asks the driver to follow karthik.
Karthik stops at a place and starts waiting for someone. simar comes there too and sees karthik waiting. A man comes karthik asks where were you ? Then they both open the car’s back. The girl is in there. simar is shocked. They take out the girl and sparkle some water on her face. The girl opens her eyes. KArthik says ask her what is the truth. The girl says I know nothing. Siamr can’t hear why they are fighting. The girl says I don’t know what happened there. Karthik says don’t lie to me. the girl throws karthik away and starts running. She enters an old building. Karthik and the other man are following her. She hides behind a some drums. Soemone comes and places hand on her shoulder. She is about to sceram but simar places her hand on her mouth and asks her to be quite.

Precap-Simar says Natasha this time is not to stay quite. The other man with karthik finds them. Natasha runs. he holds simar and says karthik sir this woman was trying to help Natasha I got her. Karthik is coming their way.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    hey guyzzz…… zz dat simar zz gonna enter bharadwaj house……….but as sunaina……….in cumng episods anjali zz gonna fall ill…….nd asks fr simar……by dat tym khushi getz 2 knw about simar’s reality…..nd forces roli 2 speak out d truth………but roli manags d situatn sayng dat itzz simar’s humshakal………..d show zz gng intrstng now……….sooo xcitd 2 c simar in bharadwaj house……….

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