Sasural Simar Ka 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 19th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with prem thinking to him about where are jhumki and simar. He says that simar and jhumki have said to everyone that they have gone for a surprise’s work but they have definitely gone for some work but what? (He is asking to himself). He says what such work she had that she can’t tell him also. He says that let the reason be anything but (he prays to mata rani) protect my simar. On the other side simar is telling roli that be stong. Suddenly she hears the car’s noise and says that maybe they have returned back. She makes roli sit on place and takes a stick to hit those 2 men. The 1st man pushes the 2nd man as soon as he sees simar hitting that 2nd man and both of them take the stick from simar and push her. They ask her that who is she and how did she enter

inside and says that you might have entered anyhow but go away from here or else it won’t be nice. Simar says that she won’t go way from here until she takes her sister aka roli. That man says that he will also see how she takes roli until he is there. Simar says she will take roli anyhow and matarani will give her strength to fight with them and take away roli. He tries to hit simar but she pulls the blanket that is under his legs and he falls down. Simar puts the blanket on the other man’s face and pushes him and he falls down. She is about to go and take the stick but both of them get up and take her towards the pillar and were tieing her but jhumki comes with Bantu and hits the man with stick and removes simar from the tied rope. Simar and jhumki both hit the two goons and the goons run away. Jhumki tells simar that before anyone else comes we should run away. Simar goes to take roli and jhumki says that the door is on the other side and where is she going. Simar then gets roli and both jhumki and Bantu are shocked to see roli. Jhumki then happily says that she is roli.

At bhardwaj house:-
Everyone at home are tensed as to where are simar and roli (jhumki). Prem then syas that thay should call police and take their help. Mataji says that simar and roli (jhumki) should have been there for aarti but forget aarti they didn’t even come to the mandir. Mtaji then says that they returned home thinking that maybe they got late that’s why they might have come home but they are not there at home also and it’s too late now. Prem is about to call the police then mausiji says that see both of them have come. Sujata asks simar that where was she and what is the blood stain onher sari. Prem says that even he was calling her but why didn’t she pick up the call. Mataji questions her that 1stly she and roli (jhumki) have returned late and asks her to tell her that what had happened and not to get scared. Simar then says that she has bought such a surprise for her that by seeing the surprise you will get very happy. She then says 1 minute and goes to get the Real roli. Mataji asks that who this girl is. Simar removes the hair from roli’s face and everyone is shocked to see that its roli. Siddhanth and prem are very happy to see roli.

Mataji then asks simar that if she is roli so who is this girl who is staying as roli in their house. Simar says that she is jhumki of lakshmipur. Simar says that siddhanthji see your roli has comeback. Then sujata says that why was jhumki staying as roli in their house. Simar says that she will explain everything later but for now thay need to take roli to the hospital as she is very weak. Roli is about to fall down but siddharth holds her on time. They have a cute eyelock. Roli then says to siddharth that she had told him that she won’t leave him and she didn’t leave him. Siddharth gets emotional and is about to go from there but roli hold his finger and he also holds her finger. The screen freezes on their faces.

No precap

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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