Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Patali says now tell me who will come to save you? My next victim is prem. mata ji says no. She says today I will kill you in front of your own God. Your whole family will witness my power. Nothing can save you today. Nor sindur nor your love. She starts reading a mantra. A blue light comes in her hand. she throws it at prem. Everyone is dazed. Devika comes and stands in front of him. Devika says are you shocked? I married prem to save him and simar. When I got married I got my powers back. Patali is dazed. Devika says don’t be so shocked. You killed your husband to take my powers from me. I know you are against married woman but today i can face you with power of my marriage. Patali says I will seen revenge from simar. this is about my powers. If anyone comes in between that

person has to die as well. You can’t mess with me. You have risked all of their lives.
Patali reads a mantra Devika reads too. Their lights collide and vanish.

Prem and Sid try to pick simar but they can’t. Patali says simar wont go anywhere. She will only go to patal lok after death of all of you. The start throwing ganga jal at he from leaves. Patali screams with pain. She says stop. Patali says i wont leave you all. roli says we will give you the same pain you gave to simar. Patali says stop please. A light consumes energy from patali’s idol. Devika says the evil powers are absorbed. Devika says i know how to kill all her powers. she extends her hand. A light pours on patali. She says no devika. Devika absorbs patali’s rays. Patali says i will come back. I wont leave simar. I will seek revnege of everything. She disappears. Mata ji asks prem and sid to take simar to room. They pick her up.

Roli says to devika you are a blessing to us. You cared about us without asking. We cant thank you enough. Devika says you called me your sister. Mata ji says devika till patali’s name is over you will stay here with us. Devika says yes but before that its time to give khushi her place back. If she wasn’t there we wont have been able to beat patali down. Sanklap swipes khushi’s tears. He says I said so much to you. I am sorry, she hugs him. Everyone hugs back Khushi.
Mataji says its makarsakranti tomorrow. I am sure all the evil will end tomorrow. Please give us our simar back.

Prem covers simar with a blanket. He says we both nothing can part our way. Ever. He sees their wedding photo and recalls their moments together. He says when you open your eyes.. I will tell you i did all this for you. I am yours i will always be yours.

Mata ji does pooja with everyone. They all join her. Simar wakes up. Mata ji says this day will remove all evil powers from simar’s life. Simar sits on her bed. He holds her head.

Precap-Devika says simar is still under gaitir. Mata ji says what to do now? Devika says simar shouldn’t know that i and prem are married. They turn back simar is standing there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. where is rosid missing them badly and ssk is a bullshit show hate this crap

  2. Okk pls calm down.. If simar wil be fine then everything will be fine in bharadwaaj house soon.. n rosid scenes will come soon in serial……. ?????

  3. Stop your show, it is spreading evil messages to all,or bring it out from the den of superstition…indirectly saying,the story has gone insane,learn som

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