Sasural Simar Ka 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sattu says what is this wind? Karuna says this is a symbol. In guru maa’s glass of water drops of blood drip. She asks for a plant. Sid says I will bring it. She pours the water on it. The plants burns suddenly. Simar says what does this mean? Guru maa says how many members are you? Simar says we are 16. She says no you are 19. There are three evil powers in this house. Everyone is dazed. Simar says this is why Mata ji was behaving so weird. She says they are near you we have to do a pooja, none of you should be here. The person here wont be able to live. Simar says we will do as you ask. She says okay then leave this house. Karuna says we will. Simar says thank you so much. Guru maa leaves.

Mata ji comes home. She says who was with sattu in car? Uma says guru maa

came here. MAta jo says what she came here for? And what is all this? Simar says I will tell you. She tells her everything Guru maa said. Simar says we are leaving I have packed your stuff too. Mata ji throws away all the bags. She says how dare you touch my stuff. SImar says we were in a hurry. Prem says we are doing this for family. Simar says you know what has been happening here. This is solution. Mata ji says whats over is over. We can’t live with past. SImar says we are just being careful. Shalu says this is what guru maa said. Mata ji said this is stupid. This is blind trust. Sid says this is in front of our eyes. Mata ji says you are gone out of your minds. Roli says how can these people be wrong? Mata ji says I don’t care about it. This is my house and I wont leave it. I will not go from here. Mata ji goes in her room.

Jhanvi mixes something in milk. She says this is tranquilizer. Simar says but why? Prem says we have no other way. Mata ji wont go with her will. We have to do this. Simar says God will show us a way. We have to talk to mata ji. But this is wrong. Roli says we are doing this for mata ji. We can’t let her stay here. Sid says for family we have to do this. Simar says I get it but we can’t break mata ji’s trust. Jhanvi says this is safe, it wont harm her health. Simar takes it.

Simar comes in mata ji’s room with milk. She says one last time I will talk to her maybe then I wont need it. Mata ji says is this milk for me? Simar says yes. Mata ji says then give it to me. Simar says I was thinking if you come with us.. Mata ji asks her to shut up. She takes the glass. Mata ji says why are you here? am I a Kid? I will drink this later. Simar says in heart if it wasn’t for family I wont have done this.

Simar comes out of house. Simar says there was someone behind mata ji. Prem says no one was there. simar says mata ji is not alone home. Mata ji is behaving weird these days. Prem says who would force her? Simar says those three souls guru maa told us about? They are making mata ji do this. Roli says I think didi is right. Simar says we can’t leave mata ji alone here. Please talk to her. Karuna says yes lets try.
Prem knocks at the door. They come in. They are all shocked.

Precap-Mata ji shouts at them all of you go from here and never come back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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