Sasural Simar Ka 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 19th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone is enjoying time with boby at the diner table. Khushi is worried. She says I have to take care of her.
Khushi is in hr room and is thinking that how to handle the husband. So she can control entire family. She says I know all he needs after all i was his wife and I am. She goes closer to him and someone knocks the door. Khushi says who the hell is this. Its boby. Khushi says boby go and rest we will talk later. Boby says I wanna talk about something. Sankalp says go sonia you are meeting after such a long time.

Scene 2
Khushi says whats wrong with you. These peculiar acts of yours will get us caught. Boby says I forgot to tell you that your mask is not fixed permanently it takes a day repair it. Boby says it will work for 3 to 4 days

only. She says I can’t even live without it for an hour. Don’t worry I will get what I want in these few days. Before the mask needs to get fixed.

Scene 3
The driver gets Sonia breakfast and opens her hands. He sits in front of her. She starts eating suddenly he gets a call. Sonia gets the dish and starts moving. He is bus in talking to someone. Suddenly she hits him on head with the dish. He falls on the floor and Sonia runs away.

Scene 4
jhanvi is in her room and recalls all the taunts of the people regarding her child. Simar and Roli come in with the breakfast. Simar says good morning. Roli says Chef Roli is making breakfast today. Jhanvi says I know you care about me. Jhanvi says I can’t sit idle I wanna work. Sitting like this makes me remember the past. I wanna be established and show the world that a lonely woman is not poor. Please ask the family to let me work. Simar swipes her tears. Roli says Jhanvi we are proud of you. Simar says I will talk to whole family but you have to promise that you will take care of your health and of this child.

Scene 5
Sonia is running in the jungle. The driver looks for her here and there but can’t find her. Sonia is so tired. She wonders which direction should she choose. She hears someone coming. When the driver comes there she hides behind the bushes. She prays that she can make it to bharadwaj family.

Scene 6
Khushi is trying cover uo the damaged mask with makeup. Sankalp comes in and touches her. She wonders how to leave from here. Sankalp asks are you comfortable here ? Is there anything that bothers you here ? She says no there is nothing like that. He says you look good today. Khushi says i think I should go down stairs Uma needs me.
khushi goes to biby’s room and shows the mask. Boby says i tols you that it needs to get fixed and need a whole day. Khushi says how can I give you day. They all are around me all the time. How will I conceal my face from them. Boby says make some excuse. She says why you don’t understand. Driver calls her and informs that sonia has fled.

Precap- Sonia is in a house and calling on the phone. She wonders whom to call. When she goes out she finds roli there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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