Sasural Simar Ka 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini takes one of the pots and says this one has sanjana. Simar says how you know? They all look same. Mohini says no one besides me know what pot has whose life. this is sanju’s pot we have to sacrifice her. Now go from here. Sunanda says come with me i will tell you rest of the things. Simar goes out with sunanda. Mohini says i am going to sacrifice sanju.
Simar comes to kitchen and recalls what mohini said, she sits there in tears. Simar says please help me God what kind of test is this. I can’t let this happen to sanju. Sanju comes in front of her and says mama don’t cry. Simar is dazed. She says sanju? Simar is about to hug her, she disappears. Simr recalls the promise she made to Sunaina. She says i will save my daughter from mohini. I have to talk

to amar about this? Where is he? I have to save Sanju. We have to plan something. amar is coming towards kitchen. Mohini stops him and says you have to do something. Amar says i am busy. She says you have to do what i ask. There is a tree in jungle it has red leafs. Go and bring its leafs for me right now. Amar says but.. She says not buts. Go hurry up. Amar leaves.

Simar says God my daughter’s life is in your hands please let me save her life. Amar comes in window. Simar tells him that mohini is sacrificing Sanju tonight and she asked me to do that. Amar says this is even better she will take sanjuu out of the pot, we will know that procedure after that we can take all of them out. simar says but how will we save sanju? Amar says we will. Simar says i wont kill my daughter i will give her a new life tonight.

Scene 2
At night, Mohini is ready, Sunanda comes with simar. Mohini says sit in that circle and don’t come out of it till the pooja ends. Uma and khushi are hidden behind the pillar. Simar sits in the circle. Mohini says its 12. Now i will start my pooja. Sunanda says she is ready do it. she is strong. Uma says to khushi what if she sees her? Khushi says they will do pooja here. We will see how they do this. Maybe we can help people.
Amar says to inspector you have to raid bharadwaj house, a little girl’s life in endangered.
Mohini takes sanjuu’s pot. She starts her pooja. Mohini says you look nervous there should be no problems. I will have to wait for so long for this night.
Amar requests the cops please come with me. 5 people’s life is endangered. Inspector says okay i am coming. they sit in the jeep.
Mohini and sunanda close their eyes, Simar stands up and opens the door. Khushi says why is this servant going towards the gate? Khushi says is someone coming? Simar opens the door and bit sits back in her place. Mohini takes out a bottles she puts something on the pot and takes off the red cloak cloth from it, The pot breaks. Sanjana comes out of it. She is lying faint on the floor. Simar says my daughter is in front of me and i can’t even save her. Simar says this liquid in the bottle take people out of the pot.

Mohini takes a sword. The cops car is down. Amar says we need to go there urgently. mohini cuts her thumb a little and drips her blood on fire. Mohini gives the sword to simar and says go sacrifice the girl.

Precap-Mohini says if you dont sacrifice her i will. Simar is dazed. Mohini is about to kill sanjuu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk spoiler:
    simar gets successful and makes mohini and her mother arrested. mohini is seendoing black magic on sanjana in the hall, while the family looks on shocked. sanjana is sleeping with garland in her neck and tilak on her forehead., as mohini is about to give her sacrifice to praise the devil for getting her work done. she takes out sward to kill simars daughter sanjana, but just then police comes and arrest the daayan and mother duo. simar feels she has just saved sanjana, and have to save all her family members. mohini warns everyone that before being taken away by the police. simar meets mohini in the police station and warns her to stay away from her family. mohini rages and challenges her to save her family.

  2. omg mohini to end her life in ssk???
    dont be shocked readers by reading headline.
    we know mohini from ssk in colors is one character whom we love to hate. and we are pretty sure that you wont like her stint end soon.
    so,just take deep breath and read entire piece.
    a source shared ” so far mohini has bothered everyone in bw family and also threaten to kill sid and roli . though everyone from the family will be worried about sid and roli’s life., simar will successfully trick the witch. simar will arrive the bharadwaj house as maid to save her family members”.
    but the twist in the tale will be simar’s repeated attempt to reveal mohini’s intentions . mohini will hang herself.
    our source also revealed that mohini will not kill herself, in reality she will pretend to take such extreme step in order to trick the members of bharadwaj house.
    we tried reaching pratyusha but she remained unavailable.
    don’t you think that this will be a dramatic sequence to witness readers? shout out loud your thoughts in the comment section below…

  3. in youtube i saw news nation cinema aur serial in that segment they are telling after mohini going to jail she again comes back but later simar win.. and mohini ke saath saath ssk is also ending it replaced by new show naagin… which they are telling.. it means really ssk going to end ah????
    guys tel me please…. is really ssk going to end soon ?? is mohini track is last in ssk??? or its rumour that ssk is ending?? ssk is soon end??? please replay me… just hope the news is not true.. ssk replaced new show is not true… fingers crossed for the show not ending…
    missing rosid and mataji, prem, anjali, pari. now only sanju back.. hope all back in ssk soon.. fingers crossed for all back soon in ssk and for show to not end…

  4. No no please ..I need rosid scenes. Yaar …. Please …. Don’t stop I want to see roli and sid ….

  5. Rosid didn’t even start their life still now ….

  6. I did not like beutiful anandi to b horrible dain I started watching balikavadhu bccs of this beutiful innocent anandi

  7. I hate dis daiyan concept.i loved d sid roli naina and also veeru concept.i loved tat love triangle concept.i really want to c rosid more pls

  8. sanjana back and yeah …. yeah,, mataji also came back in ssk… she is shooting.. after mataji came home… mohini hang her self in bw house as pretend and she traps them… but, we have to see when simar knows about it and how sid,roli,anjali,pari and prem comes back in ssk… yeah mataji came back in ssk…waiting for rosid,anjali, pari, prem ack in ssk… waiting for rosid now… want them also back in ssk..

  9. in one of the avika recent interview in telugu she said that in a month 15 days she is hyderabad and in another 15days 8days she is shooting for serial and 7days taking holidays…
    and about her upcoming projects she also said that “i am doing a film with uyyala jampala team” that is one movie,, and other is she is doing kannada movie careoffootpath2 debut in hindi which is going to be release soon…. so another movie she is doing..

  10. Can some please telll me why mohini wants to destroy bharadwaj family?

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