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Sasural Simar Ka 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maani laughs. She says even if you see your face you would be laughing. This is called twist in story. Simar says why have changed their lives. Is it fun for you? Maani says you are enjoying it too? You never thought I would be so important part of the story? How was I looking? I know i am beautiful. just asking your opinion. Simar says how can you even think of marrying him. Maani says why not make you part of the story? You are prem’s wife. You should have a chance to save your marriage. There is a condition. you can either choose prem or sujata. You have only 2 hours for this.
There is only one way to save your family and thats me. if you go to police you wont be able to save any of them. Simar says I will save maa. Maani says for mother in law you are sacrificing your

husband? Okay go save her. but how will you reach her? She says started praying? God gave you mind and body. use it. This is illusion that I created. And God can’t tell you. Simar says its written in geeta that illusion can be broken with illusion.There must be a clue. She recalls jhanvi saying there is a temple of hanuman and in the street there is a chemist. Simar says I have to reach there. She looks for keys.Maani says you will take a car? She shows her the keys and says it would be fun when you walk. If you don’t reach in two hours you wont be able to save your family. You have only 1 hour and 55 minutes left.

Simar runs out. She stops a cab. A man with covered face is driving it. Simar says please drive fast. Simar asks him to stop the car. Simar comes back to the same spot.simar says i hired the cab from here. You took my 15 minutes.Its maani, she says you know world is round. Simar is shocked. Simar says you are wasting my time. She says if i had to make it this easy for you i would have given you keys. Run to save your maa. you are here but time is running out.
Simar starts running.She asks people about the temple. Simar sees the temple. She runs inside the street. Simar reaches the chemist. A truck blocks her way.
simar says i want some medicines. A woman comes crying and says give me these first. He gives her. The woman pretends that she is sick. She sits down.simar says I can’t stop time. simar takes medicines and runs. The woman is maani. She says you are fool your forgot that game has started and I can do whatever I want.Simar says maa’s life is in danger. Simar says this is wrong what you are doing. Maani says okay I wont create any more hurdles. But look you dont have much time.She has only 30 minutes.

Simar shows jhanvi’s picture and asks for their home. The chemist says she called me from her landline. He gives her the number. Simar calls on it. Pari receives the call. She says who is it? simar says i am jhanvi’s friend.She asked me to send some meds. Tell me the address.
Pari says I wont tell you. We will give her meds. She hangs up. Maani says your pari bhabhi hung up?You don’t have time. And your maaji. She is sick. What will you do now. Simar calls again.
Pari receives and leaves the receiver on side.

Precap-Maani says see the celebrations of your husband’s engagement. Everyone dances in prem’s engagement.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. God!!!!!..
    wat a story…
    pls bring back our roli even as a ghost..pls…
    love rosid a lot…
    Without thier romance no ssk

  3. yea plz bring roli back s a soul plz

  4. Areyyyy yarrr what aaaa seriall shittt atleast for one day also they won’t b happyy always some or the other hurdels wt a show mannn plzzz make the audience to c that not to hate that much gud serial show the relationships n love not negative

  5. worst serial for ever Rosid only best part of this serial
    bring back Avika
    no New partner for Siddhant

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