Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Simar defeats Tantrik with her Divine powers

Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni boiling milk. Bhairavi comes and asks where is her concentration as the milk is boiling and over flowing. She asks her to go and says she will give milk to Simar. Once Roshni goes, Bhairavi adds Bhasm in the milk and says she is doing Simar’s betterment and getting mukti for her. Roshni comes and says she will give milk to Simar. She comes to Simar. Simar asks her to come. Roshni asks her to drink milk. Simar says I don’t want to drink. Roshni tells what she taught her and thinks she has to talk to Maa about temple incident.

Roshni asks her to sit and says now you have to drink this infront of me, as vitamins, minerals and calcium are needed by elders too. Roshni looks at her hand and thinks Simar doesn’t have the ring and thinks she can’t tell her

anything. Simar asks what happened? Roshni says she have some important work and goes. Simar drinks the milk thinking Roshni will get upset and faints.
Tantrik does the puja and laughs. Simar comes there. Tantrik laughs and says I knew you will come. He says his bhasam can’t go waste and says he will prove that his shakti is more than her bhakti. He says he will trouble her and will fulfill his wishes. He is about to hit her with hunter when his hand is stopped by Mata Rani’s unseen powers.

Simar tells nammo nammo etc. She asks him to feel the fear behind his anger and says your evil powers can’t win from divine powers and says devil have to die anyhow. She asks him to be careful and says you will not know when this fire catches you. Tantrik shouts for help as the hunter catches fire and he can’t leave it. It bursts and he falls down unconscious. Simar walks out.

Everyone is searching Simar in the house and wonder where she went. Prem says call is not connecting.

Pari tells Bhairavi that it seems your plan is successful. Bhairavi says now Simar will get some piece of mind when Baba Mahesh will take revenge on her. She says by now Baba Mahesh would have broken her ego. Simar comes there surprising everyone and tells that today is Dhanteras and she went to Kul devi’s temple like every year. Prem says we all were scared. Sanjana says you would have told us. Simar says we will go for Diwali shopping together. Prem says you would have taken phone. Simar says battery was off. She asks them to get ready. Bhairavi and Pari are shocked. Simar smiles as she hides. Pari says she forgot to call Tania and Aarav. Bhairavi comes to tantric and finds him unconscious.

Tantrik gains consciousness and asks where are you, come infront of me. Bhairavi says she is at home. Tantrik says she has done bad with me and tells everything. Bhairavi is shocked and says from where she got strength to defeat you. Tantrik says she has challenged me, the bhakt of devil and says he will punish her so that she can’t forget it. He gives her poison and tells that all Bharadwaj family will die with this poison. He says now the whole family will have to pay for this. Bhairavi says even her son is with the family. Tantrik says nothing will happen to him.

Precap: Piyush tells Mata ji about finding Simar’s ring. Mata ji asks Simar to show the ring which Prem gave to her. Simar gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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