Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi knocks the door and says sankalp ji please open the door. I want to fast like rest of the wives. He says I have nothing left in this relationship. Pari says Sankalp ji.. Sankalp says I won’t care. Khushi says I wont break fast until you open the door. Sankalp says i don’t care. Simar says she is your wife and she is at least loyal to you. Don’t do that to her. Sankalp says but.. Matjai says simar is right. Open the door. Sankalp opened the door and turns around. KB says I am sorry sankalp ji. KB says in heart this door of your destruction opened. Whats gonna happen you wont have it ever imagined.
KB looks at anjali and says I have to convince her she is lost ace. Anjali says how dare you come in my room. Get out. KB says listen to me. Anjali says I

always did and what did you do? I dont even wanna see your face. KB says listen to me one. Anjali shoves her and says just go. KB says that simar has put these accusations on me. She played this game with savant. I know its not easy to believe me. She did that so whole family hates me and she can rule it again. Anjali says what non sense is this? What is their connection? Savant is your contact. Khushi says you can buy anyone with money and that is what simar did. If you don’t trust me, call savant and ask him. he will tell you everything. I have left the number on table you will know all the reality.

Jhanvi puts Prem’s name on Simar’s mehndi. She says oh I wrote his name.. I can remove it. SImar says no leave it there. Prem sees simar. They look in each others eyes. Jhanvi says the color of mehndi is connected to the love of her husband. Simar and Prem look at each other. Prem recalls their old times. Piyush says I brought milk for you prem sir you haven’t eaten anything. Prem says no no actually I am not feeling well. I can’t eat or drink. Simr says in heart I know you wont eat until I do. You are excusing. Simr says pyary give him cold milk thats better for stomach. Prem says no I won’t drink it. He leaves. Khushi looks at them and says be as happy as you want, I have played my game.

Scene 2
Rita says when will moon be out. Sumit says you can break it don’t complain about it. Roshni says moon will be seen at 9:36. Rita says so much time left. Rohan gives roshni pakoras. She says no I don’t wanna eat. He says weird. Rita says in heart fast for piyush but I will decide your future.

Scene 3
Anjali is in her room. She says KB has raised me she always supported me. There is only one way. She picks Savant’s number and calls him. Savant picks. He says thank God you called. People used me, what I said wasn’t truth. I needed money for my mother’s treatment. She used me. Anjali says who? He says your mother simar. Khush always wanted your better but your mother ruined everything. Anjali hangs up. Savant says I act so well and billo’s mind. ANjali says she fooled me. She did this to insult KB. I hate you simar.. she screams. Anjali hugs KB and says I am so sorry. I said so much to you. KB says don’t cry. Anjali says I believe anjali and hurt you. I am so bad. I am sorry. KB says calm down now you know how simar is. she hugs Anjali.

Everyone gets ready for karwa chauth and come upstairs. Pari says to Uma simar will always remember this karwa chauth. They do all the rituals. SImr says to prme what are you doing? He says nothing. Simar whispers I think he is hungry. Prem says your earring fell. SImar says I can’t keep this arti plate back. Prem makes her wear it. The song ‘bolna halke’ plays in background.
Rajhinder says prem.. Prem says yes. Rajhinder says moon is out. Lets start. Mataji says break your fasts.

Anjali is crying. she says I feel so bad. she left me and your were here for me. KB says its not your fault. You fell prey to her plan. I am sad because she parted us and shes is celebrating with prem and we can’t do anything. Don’t worry. truth will win in the end.

Precap-Simar asks Anjali what is happening. When I bought you these clothes you liked them why are you burning. Anjali says dad she fooled us all. I will expose you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ermmm we coming back to where we started from lmaooo I mean how does Khushi still have that Savants number and didnt Anjali even think of this once? Aaaah my brain… I dont watch Sasural Simar Ka but I read it and by just reading it makes my IQ lower everyday loool

  2. I hate kb

  3. I’m sorry but the actress who plays KushI looks like a troil. She’s so butt ugly. Why is she on TV. Seriously. Get her off.

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