Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Meghna asks why was simar here ? Attul says athat she came to warn him and .. meghna asks and what else ? He says that and i want you to look you to look up to this matter yourself. She says no he has to help himself. I will not help him but you just have to make the situation under control.

Scene 2
Janvi is crying she says that i was blind in love of shaureya nd now he is even not recognizing me. Roli says don’t worry you are not alone i am with you. Simar says that yes we are all with you. Simars ays that we haev to tell this to our family i can’t conceal this time. Just imagine what will happen if they get to know from someone else. Janvi begs her not to tell, she says no i have to. She goes down roli runs after her. When she gets down she finds

everyone so happy talking about janvi’s proposals she stops on the stairs and doesn’t tell anyone.

Scene 3
Everyone is busy talking about the religious even coming forward. Mata ji and all her family will be the chief guests there.
Simar says to janvi that she will take revenge from him i know you loved him but but what he has done to you is not forgivable. Roli says that we should talk to his sister meghna. Simar says she is the same woman who rated janvi in our own house. Roli says but she is woman herself she will understand the pain of janvi. Simar says okay if you says so then i will talk to her but i don’t think its gonna work.

Scene 4
When janvi simar and roli reach meghna’s home they find a lot of people outside there. Police stop them roli says we are the guests of shuareya if you want then i will calm him but what he will do to you i won’t be responsible for it. The cop let them in. Meghna comes home. Simar and janvi get in, simar calls out her name. She turns back. Simar moves to her meghna aks swho let you in here ? She calls the security. simar says that you must know what shaureya has done top janvi. He made fun of janvi’s love and played with her life. we hacve heard about you, you help people, serve them with justice so we are here for your help. Just forget for a moment that there was some quarrel happened between us and that you are shaureya’s sister. just imagine her pain you will feel what she has been through. What your brother has done to her. Meghna is quietly listening to them. Simar says to her that you have to help us you have to give janvi her right. He secretary says that everything is ready for the press conference. Meghna says that i have to go we will talk later.

scene 5
Everyone is on the lunch table. Mausi ji says that this is really good having time with your family. Sujata says that it’d be good if simar, roli and janvi were here. Mata ji asks where is achna and pari? Uma says that she is sad and says that she won’t eat. Mata ji says make a plate i will make her eat. Where achna is eating in the room already.

Scene 6
Meghna says this is my favorite festival because it showed win of a woman over man for her rights and respect. she says in the press conference that everyone woman has to fight for her rights and respects. I on behalf of this society will says that i am with every girl who has been victim of any injustice. We wi serve them, every girl have to become strong to protect and fight for her self. We will help them. Janvi and simar are happy to hear this.

Precap- megha say to siamr and janvi that you are talking to a sister and the one who doesn’t even consider her brother the culprit. Shaureya comes and says to janv you are such a fool still think that shaureya will come back in your life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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