Sasural Simar Ka 18th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th May 2013 Written Update

Simar tells Jhumki, yes you’re not Roli, but you can become one. You will have to become our Roli. I have full faith that you can become Roil. Jhumki laughs off and says, I am Jhumki.. not any girl like that. I am here to run my nautanki, I am not going to change myself for anyone. Simar says, you just have to act.. you’re the only one who can help us. Jhumki is not interested. Simar requests her and says, we won’t take your much time.. just few days. Jhumki is still not interested. Simar then tells her how Veeru took away property and blackmailed Roli to marry him. And then kidnapping her, and in end shooting her. And now Bhardwajs have to leave the house. Simar begs, please help us.. only you can save us. Jhumki is thinking.. ..

Veeru and Khushi are happy. They plan to share

all properties equally. Khushi says, then let’s start from this house. She pretty much keeps every room, and tells him rest you keep. Veeru asks what is left? They have an argument. Both say they don’t want to live with each other. Mataji is listening all this. Veeru says, when we don’t want to live together, then let’s just sell this property and we will divide money that comes equally. Mataji is shocked. Khushi says, this will work.

Bharadwajs are at dining table. Mataji comes there in a big shock. Everyone gets worried. Mataji tells everyone that Veeru and Khushi are planning to sell Bharadwaj house. Everyone is shocked and sad. Mataji is in tears.. she says, even though this house is no longer ours, I had little hopes left that somehow we will get our house back, but if they sell this house, then that hope won’t be left either. She prays God for not letting this happen.

Simar asks Jhumki if she will help her. Jhumki says, there’s so much pain in your story.. you really had injustice.. and Jhumki always supports fairness, but just in nautanki. Not in real life. Simar again requests her and says, you won’t have any problem there. Jhumki asks her to stop her drama and she is not going to agree. The boy comes there crying and says shop guy didn’t give him videogame and said to bring more money. Jhumki asks him to stop crying and gives him her money. But the boy refuses saying it’s your dream to go Mumbai and become a big star, and then do my admission in a good school.

Prem gives a bundle of money. Jhumki asks, so much money? Prem says, this is just start.. if you listen to us, then you will get three times of this. Jhumki gives him money back and says, I don’t want your money.

Prem asks her to think again.. if you listen to us, then all your dreams can come true. If you help us, then we will give so much money that you won’t have to dance here and there. Jhumki says, I am not such girl. I have managed till now, and I will manage myself in future as well. Prem asks her not to take decision in hurry. He says, money comes automatically only once.. and if someone doesn’t welcome it, then money may never come back to them. If you listen to us, all your dreams will come true. Jhumki says you don’t need to worry about my dreams.. I can make them true on my own. Prem says, you can, but it will take time. Both Prem and Simar are trying to convince her, but she doesn’t listen. Prem says, fine.. if you change your decision, then let us know.. we are in hotel next to you. Prem and Simar leave.

In hotel room, Simar tells Prem that they should have tried more to convince Jhumki. Prem asks her to relax and says, I know but I don’t want her to take advantage of our situation. Simar says, what if she doesn’t agree. Prem says, trust me, she will. Simar asks again, what if she doesn’t? Prem gets a call from Sid. he asks them where are you? Prem was about to say about Jhumki, but doesn’t. He says road has still not opened, so we had to stay here. Simar asks him, why he didn’t tell the truth. Prem says, there’s so much tension already.. and if we hide from everyone and let them think that Jhumki is Roli, then it will be easier to win against Khushi. Simar says, but for that Jhumki has to agree first.

No precap..

Update Credit to: Shreya

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