Sasural Simar Ka 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Malti sees kal pisaj in mirror. Kali pisakj holds both parts on maani is his hands. He hears someone coming in.
At night, Roli calls sid. she says where is he? Why is he not picking the call. she hears a child crying. She says there is no such young child in our house atm. She hears it from outside. Roli goes out, the gate of house behind her closes. She knocks and says is someone in. Khushi hears it and says I am coming. Khushi says the door is not opening. She tries again. She says the door is not opening. She calls everyone. Everyone comes. Sankalp says what happened? Khushi says roli is out and I am trying to open the door but its not opening. Prem touches the gate is repelled by a current. Roli knocks. Mata ji says don’t worry. Sankalp feels the same repulsion. Malit

says keep trying. Don’t even dare. Now this door will stay closes. No one can one in our go out of this house. She says simar its time to give up.
Prem says lets go to roof and asks someone for help from there. He stands on stairs and falls. Malti says I told you. Now you cant go out and no one will come in. you are all detained here unless you give me chandan maani pieces. Khushi says we will all die here. Simar says don’t say that. Khushi says we will all die. She is crying. Mata ji says don’t give up. She goes to her room.

Choti dulhan says what will you do now? Simar says I dont know. Tell me what should I? Choti dulhan says there is a way. She tells simar. She says call him. Choti dulhan disappears. She calls amar. Amar says yes simar. simar tells him everything. Amar says what? She says you have to bring him here. Only he can help us with this. He says don’t worry. It will be done by evening. Simar hangs up.
Malti comes to khusi’s room. Khushi says don’t touch me. Don’t come near me. she opens the door, mahdvi is standing there. Malti says we are your friend. Madvhi says you wanna kill me. She trips, malti saves her. She says if I had to kill you why would I save you? Khushi says what you mean? Malti says I feel like you are like me. Its not wrong to think about your own self. People call you selfish but you should love yourself. Khushi says what you mean? Malti says I will make you immortal. I will make you and your husband and your child immortal just give me that chandan maani. then whole world will be in your feet. Go. Bring it. Khushi says I have to betray my family. Malti says you will help and save them this way.

Mata ji says i couldn’t eat medicine yesterday either. Simar comes and says amar said he will come with some help. We cant lose hope now. Mata ji says we wont. I am so worried for khushi. She was up all night. I saw fear in her eyes. Simar says everyone is scared. This time she shouldn’t be so scared. I don’t know what should we do. Mata ji says we have to give her support.

Khushi is in malti’s room. she is about to give her maani to Malti. Simar says no khushi you can’t do this. They are provoking you. They want you to go against your family. You are part of us and you have always been with us. Yuo bore so much and proved yourself an important part of the family. I know you wont go against us and we are incomplete without you. Malti says stop this drama. Simar says khushi they are scaring you. Once she has them all, she will kill us all. Malti says she is lying Khushi. Think of your child. Simar says the world would have been hell if poeple were selfish. she is an evil soul. She can’t fulfill your dreams. Now listen if you want to be with them or us. Khushi is about to hand it over. Simar says don’t do this. Listen to me. We all need you. She gives it to simar, simar catches it. Khushi runs out of the room. Malti says this is wrong khushi. you have to pay for this. Simar says she has not done anything wrong. she has helped truth, she will get blessings for that and you will pay. Start your countdown because after tonight your game is over.

Precap-Tantrik does his pooja. Malti says now he will come. kal pisaj enters house blowing a trumpets.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why do I feel that kal pisach looks like sid? Is that true? Did anyone else feel the same?

    1. I’m also same fleeing ya

    2. I also feel the same

  2. S iam also feeling like that

  3. True
    He looks like sid only!

  4. No he is not Sid I saw him in some serials but don’t know his name.. But he is not sid

  5. kal pisach is nt Sid.. Manish Raisinghani plays the character of Sid and the character of Kal Pisach is played by Ali Hassan..

    Amy, he had appeared in many serials bt is always remembered as “Aryan”, husband of “Shruti” played by Tina in the serial Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki..

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