Sasural Simar Ka 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Khushi takes off the mask and roli and simar are standing on her door. She says you both here. They start moving towards her. Simar says what you thought you will make us fool with this mask. Roli says we will tell cops now and she whats gonna happen with you. Suddenly she starts sceeaming. Its only her dream. Sankal asks are you okay ? She says I saw a bad dream. I saw that my relatives were kicking me out of the house. Khushi says I should get to that servant before roli and simar.

Scene 2
On breakfast table mata ji asks where are sankalp simar and sid ? Sujata says sid and sankalp had some work and simar is out for some shopping. Doot knocks Khushi says let me check. Its a box on her name. She wonders what is it ? She screams and says its a snake. Everyone

is feared. She says this is the best way I can now look for that paper. She goes up in roli’s room and looks for it. She can’t find it and everyone is after the snake. Mausi ji says does it hurt when a snake bites? Mata ji says i have no experience. Sankalp comes in and asks whats going on ?

Scene 3
Khushi has finally found it. Sankalp comes in and asks what are you doing ? She turns and sees snake near her. She is scared and says please let me live. SHe is hell scared. SHe was I the only one you found here. Everyone comes in. Prem says don’t move everyone. Khushi says I should do something by my own. She starts dancing like a snake. Mausi ji says this is the first time I seeing a human dancing for a snake. She is singing stupid songs and dancing. Everyone is laughing. Shalu says what is she doing ? Roli says put the blanket on te snake. Everyone asks sonia is she okay ? Karuna says what were you doin here ? She says was finding something. She says was finding the snake. Mata ji says okay everyone go to your room.

Scene 4
Prem and Sankalp come in and says the snake has been given to the forst department. Mausi ji say who did this to us ? PRem says i checked the box but nithgn was written on it. Simar says this must be khsuhi and i won’t leave her this time. Mata ji asks roli to serve the tea. Jahnvi says mata ji I just want some time for my self. Mata ji says we should allow her to marry we should not have problem if they wanna marry. Mausi ji says yeah she has all the right to live.
Simar goes to jhanvi and says why are you so reluctant to live ? The whole family wanst you to live. Your family wants you to forget the past. Anurag and shaureya are different people

Precap- Roli and simar open the door. Its a lady. SHe says hello I am anurag’s mom. Shanti arora.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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