Sasural Simar Ka 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone comes back home. Khushi says we all enjoyed in name of Simar’s birthday. I didn’t want to come back. Jahnvi says yes was such a good place. They all are dazed to see the gate open. Mata ji sayswhy is that gate open. Amar says maybe Mrs. Verma left it open. Sujata says how could she.
There is so much smoke in the house. They all cough. Prem says its because of the mosquito coils. Mata ji says where is this Mrs.Verma. Simar says in heart why am I so worried? She sees something and is dazed. Simar says mata ji look there. The candle of temple is blown. Mata ji says Mrs. Verma left the door open and the candle blew. Forgive us God. Mata ji lits it again. Rajhinder says let it go. Simar says why I feel like someone came here in our absence.
Kamiya says your

house is so beautiful. Mata ji says Prem get the second guest room unlocked. Kamiya will live there. Prerna says I am leaving. You can give my room to her. Sujata says you are leaving today? Prerna says yes my flight is in a few hours. Prerna meets everyone.
Simar says Mata ji has started behaving like outsiders in one moment. You are thanking us? What about all you did for us? you risked your life for us. That is a great favor. Prerna says dont’ call it a favor. they hug each other. Prerna takes out her luggage.
Sid holds her hand and says if I ask you to stay will you?He says I dont know what I want or feel. Everything inside me is shattered but when you are with me I feel calm. After Roli left there was an emptiness in my life and letting you go will give me another emptiness.
i can’t promise you anything but I will try to know you that will take time. Time is a great healer. Will you give me that time? Prerna nods. sid says thank you so much. Mataji says your decision is right Prerna and Sid. Kamiya says have you proposed her just yet? Prem says that would take some time. Kamiya says congratulations Sid. Mataji says after so many days happiness has returned in house. I want to do a pooja tomorrow. Uma says we will prepare everything don’t worry.

The pooja preps start. Simar says where is Kamiya? I haven’t seen her. the same woman comes in. Everyone is dazed to see her. Kamiya says I found her in market. I thought I should bring her to put on mehndi. Simar says we put mehndi on festivals only. Mat aji says when whole family is together and happy its not less than a festival.
Simar says there are some work left. I will put on in the end. Kamiya says you will be the first one. She starts applying Simar mehndi.
She makes a design on simar’s hand and recalls when she got same while dancing for the evil.

Precap-The witch says Simar will get ready to give birth to child of demon. it will be this friday. Its time for Kal to come.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Simar deserves it…for forgot her sister’s sacrifice and make sid and tat lady pair…worst…pls end the serial…how she enjoyed with mataji…regarding sid’s pair…worst….

    1. Well said vaishnavi and of course rosid is the best

  2. Thankgod sid already said roli’s sid is dead with roli…tis sid is only bharadwaj’s sid…its true…rosid is in heaven now…rosid rocks forever…

  3. Hate u simar and mataji u just manipulated sid

  4. How could simar forget sister roli who gave her life just for her but she was celebrating her birthday happily.though sid gave roli photo there was no emotions seen in simar.when simar thought died they mourn for 2 years.but when roli died they r celebrating. just hate u simar and prerna. And of course hate u mataji.

  5. Sid and prerna is worst worst worst one can replace roli and rosid. Soon this serial will get 0 trp. Just I hate u simar for the very first time. Let kamiya and prem marry then u will understand ur sister pain

  6. Hency

    Oh sid now prerna filled ur emptiness.there is no logic.roli did more for you than prerna.but ur comparing her with prerna and giving her place to prerna.I am feeling sorry for roli for having
    Family who don’t love her
    Sister who don’t remember her
    Husband who is falling in love with prerna within a month.

  7. Hency

    And please dont say urself as rosidians .and hate simar.I wish more devil’s and dayans come to your house and torture u all

  8. I hate u could u forget ur sister u stupid

  9. How could sid accept prerna.simar can’t u remember ur sister atleast for once. I used to say everytime u and ur sister used to cut the cake but u forgot her.u idiot

  10. Just hate u sid

  11. Just hate sake and simar

  12. Just go to the I think aliens will come only to bharadwaj house and ofcourse the great simar will fight with them.always roli rockzzz

  13. How I watch 17 June 16 episode of ask?

    1. Hi shakaib u can watch it in voot app or else in youtube

  14. Sorry ask.

  15. Ritvi

    Child of demon means

  16. Its just a serial guys why are you all so tensed and emotional. They are all actors so they could be.

  17. Saksh Samhita

    It’s just a pass time, no need to take it to your hearts. Whatever enacted enjoy n ve a nice time. Simar character needs a companion besides Sid so her suggestion s her friend to get married to Sid. Wat’s wrong? Without support it’s tough to face d hurdles n hardships Na. Criticize but don’t take it to your mind n hearts

  18. How simar give a birth. In past episide simar had an accident when she was pregnant. So she never give a birth. Anjali is a baby by sarogacy with khushi. So how it possible? Oh its a stupid super natural serial. Anything happen!!

  19. Well sid, is it à destination wedding in the patal lok with dayaans in attendance ? ? wen it is time to prove ur love u failed misérably. U n ur family made me disgust u all. Wat à weak man u r ! Whole family changé attitude as caméléon. Disgusting !

  20. Always ssk writers enter some illogical things to the serial….

  21. i hate simar especially mataji who forced sid to make prena stay back and make him realise that prena is the right girl for him to marry and i can;t believe that mataji and simar are so happy after sid stopped prena from going and said he may be ready for the wedding simar even forgot about her sister how patethic

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