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Sasural Simar Ka 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar picks the rock and crashes it on Prem. Prem saves himself. Amar and Prem rope Simar. Amar says now Kamiya you will tell us how will Kaal get out of Simar’s child. Kamiya says I won’t. Amar says I will pour this pure water on you. It will burn you. Suddenly Kamiya disappears. Mahamaya comes and says who will save you now? You thought you could catch me? This is not possible. Kamiya says how you were released? Mahamaya says other witches gave up their powers. I was scared because Kaal didn’t answer my prayers then I looked at this dummy and realized what is happening here. I was right this was all Simar’s game. Mahmaya said Kaal you have to kill Prem. Mahamaya says simar couldn’t kill you but who would save you from me? She ropes amar and Prem with

a pillar. Kamiya says pardon me maa. Simar fooled me. Mahmaya says now I know and I will give you a chance to avenge that from simar. Mahamaya says Kaal, simar fooled us, because of her my witches had to die. Kill her. Simar should pay for what she did. Suddenly Simar grabs her belly and screams. Prem says what is happening to you simar. Mahamya says go Kamiya take your revenge, Kaal is still in her womb so nothing should happen to him. Kamiya picks up and rod and starts hitting simar with it. Prem shouts no.. simar screams with pain. Prem says Kamiya stop please. Kamiya keeps hitting her. Mataji comes and says stop Kamiya. Kamiya says how is this possible? Mataji comes in. Kamiya says simar killed her yesterday. Mataji says you too.. She brings the broom of temple. Mataji says get ready to be hit by this. I know you are witches, how much it scared you. Because your black powers don’t work in front of this. It will save us from you. Prem says but mataji where were you? Mataji says I went to temples and met pandits and they told me about this broom. I collected sticks from different temples and made this. Now see what I do with this. Mahamaya tries to attack mata ji but repels back.

Rest of the family is doing pooja. Mahmaya says save me Kaal. Mataji says even kaal can’t save you. Mataji keeps hitting them and they keep screaming. Simar releases Prem and Amar. Prem holds Simar. Mahamaya blows a stone and the broom falls from Mataji’s hands.
Mataji falls. Mahamaya stands laughing. Mahmaya reads another mantra. A stone falls on broom destroying it. Simar tries to move the rock. Mahamaya says enough of this drama. My turn now.
The candle in temple of bharwdwaj house is blowing, sujata saves it. Sujata says please help and protect my family God.
Mahamaya brings a sword and says simar sacrificed you and you saved yourself. Now I will sacrifice you. Lets see who can save you now.
Mahmaya attacks Mataji, simar holds her hand. Everyone is shocked. Prem moves the rock.
Kamiya says she is using Kaal’s powers, we should run now. simar throws her sword away. Amar says simar we should go, the time is ending. Kamiya says lets run maa. Prem stops them with the broom. Prem says you three go out. I will stop them. They run out. Kamiya says I won’t let you go either Prem. SImar says what is she doing. The cave entrance starts closing. Prem tries to run out. Mataji pulls his hand.
Kamiya and Mahamaya are locked in the cave forever. Simar hugs Prem.

Precap-Simar touches Sujata’s feet. Sujata says I can’t give you blessings for this child. Rajhinder says what you mean? Khushi says we have decided simar’s child won’t come in this house. Prem says what you mean? Sujata says to save ourselves from this Kaal simar has to abort this child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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