Sasural Simar Ka 18th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All the guests come. uma says i asked mohini to make tea where is she? jhanvi says maybe she is busy i will make the tea. Roli asks sunanda where is mohini? Sunanda says mohini is upstairs with kids. Everyone else is busy in work as well. Roli rolls a garland of flowers around roli, she smiles. Roli says should we get married as well? Sid says idea is good.

Simar is in temple, the wind blows. she says why i feel like something will blow it all. A woman is shows with animals. Simar gets ready as a bride. Pari comes in and says you look so good. Look simar, Mohini has decorated your room so well for you and prem. Roli says you look so good. Pari says simar is outglowing me as well. Uma says Prem will fall in love with her all over again. Jhanvi says the mehdni color tells how

much prem loves her. Pari says I wish we could celebrate mehndi funtion like today. Jhanvi says no worries we will enjoy today. Sanju and anjali come and says mama you look so pretty like my doll. Simar says you are both my dolls. Anjali says we will take you to papa. Simar hugs them. Sanju says papa is waiting for you. Roli says didi jeju has sent them. If you make him wait anymore he will come himself. Sujata says lets go, she takes the little girls. All the ladies take simar downstairs.

The black cat is shown. Simar and prem have to make each other wear garland, sid and shalu pick up prem and say we are in your team. Amar and sattu say we are in simar’s team and pick up simar. Simar makes prem wear garland. Simar and prem touch sujata and all elders’ feet. they all give them blessings. After the wedding dance starts. Simar is suddenly shocked prem asks her what happened? She says nothing. Anjali and sanju come crying. Simar says are you okay? Prem says you are papa’s brave girls. Mohini asks what happpened? Simar says they slipped while dancing. I will take them to room. Mohini says i will take them out, they will be okay. You should stay here with the groom. Mohini says i have surprise for you kids but you will get it when you listen to me. Mohini takes the girls with her to room.

Anjali says aunty we have to go to mama. Mohini says mama will be here in some time. Mama has asked you to listen to me. Will you play a game with me? They nod. She says we will play ringa ringa roses. They hold her hands and start taking rounds with her. SHe suddenly starts moving really fast. Wind blows, there is a tattoo on her neck. Anjali and sanju fall. Mohini recalls putting the hand mark on the pillar and everything. She says i am the witch. Thakruain comes there and throttles her. Mohini says yes i am the witch.

Precap-Thakurain says i will do the pooja that simar stopped. Mohini says we had to sanju with her but now we will take prem with us as well. SImar’s life is in prem. He will help us in accomplishing our mission.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today episode is nice but i precap they showed mohini and her mom talking but where is taukurain did mohini killed her??????

  2. 1st

  3. Today roli simar and janvi looked beautiful…..guys did anyone notice kushi today i dint see her?????

  4. Very very slow update. Simar hs bcum dumb. N sme is wid d stpid writrs. Bt deepika is gorgeous.

  5. Does this mean mohini is evil

  6. precap is shocked!! what they r going 2 do with prem now :((….will premar marriage happen???

  7. could someone tell me,who exactly is d witch??????????????????

  8. Guyzz i can’t understand anythng so much of confusions & secrets

  9. poor pragati
    c,people here dont bother abt guys like u and they wont even ans d ques though they know
    so dear,better leave it n watch in episode directly yaar
    sick of people here

  10. Pls update thapki pyaar ki.why Saturday they are updating very slow for colors TV serials?? Update fast

  11. Even im kinda confused
    If mohini is witch,thdn who is kunika

  12. Hai guys how r u

  13. i dnt knw the ans fr pragati’s qstn racchha so only i did’nt rply her

  14. Pragati till sterday i taught mohini and her mom is witch but suddenly today takurain said a dialogue na tat she is Dayan i dnt know yaar y she said like tat so am little bit confused……

  15. wicth is mohini but where did takurani go

  16. mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd mad mad world

  17. I get it black cat = takurani

  18. omg back cat is like maya

  19. this bw parivaar always trust new people easily like kushi,shaurya,maya and then this mohini…

  20. Idiot sidarth fc hw dare u to compare maya to cat maya is gd

  21. Idiot sidarth fc hw dare u to compare maya to cat maya is gd i like her so much got it so next time dont tal like tht stupid

  22. Simar was pretty today… after a long time,,seeing her in bridal wear…

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