Sasural Simar Ka 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli and aditi enter the house and see that both karthik and the girl are unconscious on the floor. They see the box on the table. Roli opens the box and is disgusted to see whats inside. She steps back aditi asks what happened roli ? Whats in this box ? Roli says it contains human kidney. They are shocked. Roli says karthik was probably selling this kidney to this girl. Aditi says our plan has failed what will we do now? Lets go from here ? roli says tell me what happened. Roli says karthik was waiting for this girl,she came karthik dropped some drink on her dress. She went to washroom to clean it. karthik followed her. That girl came out of the room screaming. Karthik was trying to hold her then he slapped her and she fainted. Then karthik faintd too. They take the box and leave.

Aditi says lets go from here.

Khushi says to surbhi was that prem’s call ? how is Anjali ? Surbhi says he tole me that anajli didn’t sleep whole night and she is missing roli so much. Khushi says lets go to roli and ask how is she ? We will tell her about Anjali. They both go to roli’s room. khushi is so excited that surbhi will find out that roli is not in her room. They knock the door roli opens. Khushi is so angry that she is there.
Surbhi says anajali is missing you so much prem called you but you didn’t receive. Anjali didn’t sleep whole night. Roli says in heart that I forgot to call you Anjali in all this. she calls pre but he is not receiving. khushi says 8in heart I can’t even ask her where was she ? they both leave. simar asks roli what happened there ? Who was screaming ? Roli tell her that when they went in karthik and that girl were unconscious. We took that box, I can’t believe that they are playing with lives of innocent people.

Vikran comes there and asks what are you doing here ? Whom were you calling at this time ? She says I was calling karthik to ask why is he not here ? He says you could have used my phone. simar says I don’t like asking you for everything.
They all go to home and ring the door bell. Siamr syas in heart karthik is unconscious and so is that girl with him. suddenly kathik opens the door. simar is shocked. She says everything is fine here but roli told me something else.

Simar asks karthik do want to eat something ? He says no. vikran says sunnaina called you on landline but you didn’t receive. He says I was busy with the call. Sanju says chachu I wanna listen a story. he says I am so busy tonight, I will tell you a story tomorrow. vikran says I will tell you the story.

Simar wonders where is that girl who came to buy the kidney.

Scene 2
Karthi comes to his room. He recalls when he gotten up the girl was unconscious on the sofa and the box was no where. he looked for the box everywhere. he said I clean all the mess. He says thank God I cleaned all the mess before baa and others came.
He comes in his room and opens the closet. The girl is there, unconscious and roped. He says you made a mistake by playing with me. Now you’ve to pay for it.

Scene 3
next morning roli asks simar what happened. Simar says when we reached home karthik opened the door and he was fine. No one was there. Where can that girl go. Roli says maybe that girl is in the house. Simar says you’re right i’ve to look in his room.

Precap-simar comes to karthik’s room and finds he’s not there. She says i should look for the girl. Suddenly karthik comes out from the washroom.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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