Sasural Simar Ka 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th January 2013 Written Update

Simar is in living room thinking and sid comes in all depressed and he says i said a lot of things in anger last night so i m sorry. Simar says no dont say sorry i understand what u r going thru. I dont want to pressure u into anything but once…and sid says i should listen to my own. he says u told me one thing last night that from husband and wife if one is wrong the other has to be understanding and patience…simar, i have decided one thing…i want to give ur little sister, my roli one more try…and i will try my best that all is solved between us. Simar…no tears…as now no one will cry now. So now smile…SImar smiles and says thank you SID. come inside hurry up everyone is waiting and seeing u smile all will be happy. All sitting there tensed…and mataji says its morning and sid not here. I will go and get him..and simar comes in and says no need to go anywhere…and sid walks in. Mataji says sid..where were u all night…u didnt think of us once…and all are hugging him. Sid holds mataji’s hand and says cause of me u guys were worried…i m sorry. And mataji sasy no…we know what u r going thru. hope matarani makes all ok. Sid goes to his mom and his mom says promise me u will be careful next time..and sid says i promise i iwll pick up ur phone all the time. and roli sees this smiling…and then she looks at masi and masi looks at her and she has a flashback of masi tellin her to go thru divorce. Roli has divorce papers in her hands and wipes her tears off. all shocked seeing roli but sid smiles. Roli walks up to sid and simar is saying roli sid is giving u one more chance..dont lose it. and sid comes to roli and holds her by her finger and then holds her hand..and he says roli…i…and roli takes her hand away…and roli says before u say anything look at this…and sid says what is this…and roli says DIVORCE PAPERS!!! and all SHOCKED!!!! I WANT A DIVORCE!!! Sid is crying…(AAWWW) Simar is crying. Roli says sign this. this is better for all. Roli wants to cry but she is holding herself. mataji slaps her. masi closes her eyes. Mataji says betterment!?? this relationship is forever…and now u want to end it with this piece of paper…and this is for all betterment. this marriage may be a comprimise to u..but marriage is forever…and this mangalsutra and this sindoor..will they all go away by a sign. NO!! NEVER!! ROli says u must feel this is wrong..but i know i m right. this marriage was done for the happiness for this family and my sister. but for how long…i will make my life a comprimise. for how long to see u smile i suffer. NO.. not anymore. I am done!! I want freedom..from this house, this family and this forced relationship!!! and she gives SID the papers!!! and mataji says roli i cant believe u would behave like this. Whats wrong with u..u always bind us together…and now u DIVORCE. Sid loves u so much and u love SID so much then why divorce. tell me what u want…i will give it to u. but dont break this relationship, this house. why are u doing this. roli is looking at masi. all family memebers are taunting ROLI!!! UMA says khushi was right..roli is fdoing all this for money!!! Roli says u all are right…i m doing all this for money and property…i want to live poshly..and u all want that i live in this room and there is already a crowd in here. SIMAR YELLS .. BAS ROLI. one more word and it will be bad. U want divorce…roli r u in ur senses.!!! i know u love sid so much. u can never think of separating. Why this drama. u tell me the truth. I want to know. Simar breaks down crying!! Sid goes to her and holds roli’s hand ..takes the divorce papers…and all are saying NO..dont sign..and even roli is shattered when he takes the papers. and then he lets her hand go. and sid leaves from there wiping his tears!! and roli looks at masi and masi consoles her with her eyes.

Precap – Sid says i have tried enufff to save my marriage…she wants a divorce…and khushi says i cant believe my ears…Bhardwaj family DIL wants a divorce…and sid and simar look at her…and veeru thinks…just as i thought it is happening.. now the wall of SID is gone forever between roli and I.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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