Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar is tired. She recalls what the man said. She tries going up. Simar faints when she goes up. Someone holds her hand and stop her from falling. It is guru maa. Simar is glad to see her.
Pari says mata ji you were asleep. Mata ji says yes I am up now. Should I ask your before coming? Pari says I didn’t mean that. You never miss arti. uma says mata ji parsad. Mata ji says i will eat food first. Uma says but you don’t eat at this time. Mata ji says I will do whatever i want. Uma says I didn’t mean that. I am bringing it. Karuan wonders what is wrong with mata ji.

Guru maa says I knew you would come here to save your family. Simar says you know what is going on? She says yes and this is worth worrying. She gives her a stone and says this will work.

Guru maa says keep it in your house and place in your temple. This will burn all the evil powers. Simar thanks her and comes home.

At night, Simar says everyone is home. This is the right time. She places it in temple and says guru maa said when I pour sindur on it, this stone will open an eye. show me way God. The stone floats in the air. It goes near Mata ji’s room. A light sparks. The stone shatters. Simar wonders what has happened.

Next day, Guru maa says this is impossible. This has never happened before. The evil powers are stronger. i will have to go there. Pandit says after 25 years you will step out of this ashram. Just imagine how terrible this problem is. Guru maa comes out, winds start blowing. Flowers are carpeted in her way.

Uma says mata ji is not home. Roli says simar isn’t home either and her phone is off too. Simar comes home with guru maa. Simar says guru maa sit here. Roli says who is she? Uma says is there some pooja? Simar says she is here to help us. Prem says what help? Simar says I will tell you everything. Not right now. This is for our family. Guru maa says simar bring me a glass. SImar brings water and a glass. Guru maa sprinkles it in the house. She goes upstairs as well. Guru maa says outside mata ji’s room this is where it is coming from. She opens the door, winds start blowing. She says I was right. She asks simar how many people are in your house? Simar says we 16, guru maa says there are 19 in this house. There are three evils in this house.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Gurumaa ku evalavu seenu pathiyapa

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    Pls update fast mam why soooo late??but not updated fully I beg you update fast and pls leave a reply I don’t think you are sooo busy??sorry if I hurted you but you update late always like

  3. Uttaran fame actress, Arati Singh will
    take Roli’s place. Apparently, Aarti
    will be seen in the form of a
    ‘charming aatma’, a new girl in
    Siddhant’s life. She will be seen
    wooing Sid on the show!

  4. Ama ranaji…well said yaar

  5. Wowwww, now starts the upcoming Oscar winning horror movie named SASURAL SIMAR KA.

  6. oh no noooooo, noooooooooo avika dont do that . Pls think for ur fans. u can’t quit. No one can replace avika. i don’t accept this.

  7. Am confused she is a ghost right then how come she replaces roli

  8. Again more rubbish in Sasural Simarkar,why do you put such superstitious nonsense in your program, uneducated people will start to believe in this idiocy! You are in a position to educate the public! ❤️

  9. acrdng to article and segment from 3 bhootiyan se ek ko siddhanth se pyar hojata hai.. now its rolis nayi musibath to save sid and simar to save mataji both want to save family.. roli make lie and tells family that her dad ki acident hogaya and wants to go all but her plan fails as mataji may comes to know that… one bhooth will wooing siddanth….
    and last vo said “waise hum ako batade roli yani ki avika serial chod kar kahi nahi jaa rahi hai”.. but have confusion about avika exit.. acrdng to segment they said she is not leaving.. so we have to see is she quitting or not….

  10. Everyone will become evil or bhoot for some time. Possessed. This family eagerly waits for another round of excitement. What happened to their sweet business?

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