Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar is in the mental hospital. He says i can’t go in any room, the mental cases will create an issue. someone hauls amar in a room, its simar. amar says you? Simar says i am so happy to see you alive, amar says are you okay? simar says yes i am fine. I am pretending to me mad since two months. but i was sick of it now. we have to stop that woman, she is going to do something that will make sid his forever. amar says his end is near, before that i want you to meet someone, simar says who? Amar says your sister roli. simar recalls her time with roli. amar says please control yourself. simar says i want to meet her right now. amar says okay but we have to sneak out of here.

Calendar is telling roli jokes so she interact with him. He says my name is funny but your name is good, roli

bharadwaj. Prem is about to get up, he says my head hurts. calendar says are you okay? should i bring you something? prem says she is still here? I wont leave you. my friend pal hit me because of you. calendar says please let amar come. he will explain you everything, she is roli. she has been like this for two months. prem says i am not going to listen anything. Prem goes to roli and says tell me who you are and why you did this to my family. He is about to slap her. Simar comes and holds his hand. Prem is shocked. He says simar you? simar hugs roli, prem is dazed. simar says you were going to do biggest mistake of your life she is not shurti she is our roli. simar says i am not mad i am fine, i was just pretending to save our family. Simar says this all started when i fell from the rood, she hypnotized me that is why i tried to kill anjali. and then i hit mata rani’s idol. She says that woman is the green eyed woman. everyone problem in our house is because of her. she has got us all stuck in her hypnotize, she is so powerful please trust me. prem says who is she? What she wants? simar says i wont answer it, amar says at least you can tell her truth now. Prem says please tell me what is her truth. simar says please don’t force me i wont tell why you all don’t understand.simar says look what she has done to my roli. just imagine what she must have suffered in last two months. prem says please simar for your sister tell me her reality. Tell me what is her truth. simar says you wont truts me. its mahashivratri tomorrow she is going to do something.

Whole bharadwaj family is doing pooja in temple. fake roli is wearing white, she walks in the room where sid is sleeping. she says truth is that i had to get you to red door so i can make you mine. she goes to living room, mata ji hears her anklet’s voice, she is scared.

Fake roli is outside the red door, prem, amar and simar are hidden on the other side. They are looking at her. Prem says don’t be scared i am with you. lets go in.They go near temple. they go towards the red door. On the other hand whole family is doing pooja. prem looks in from the lock hole.

Precap-fake roli is in hre red door room. she is doing dance around an idol.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Godd…!! Finally the drama will end soon…!!

  2. Wow finally that fake Roli will be out

  3. Finally, it’s prem who is there with simar to save their family

  4. ufff finally drama is going to end!!!!!

  5. Sasural Simar Ka:

    The Bhardwaj family is acting to show they aren’t aware of fake Roli’s truth. Meanwhile, fake Roli is worried as she thinks her secret of Nagin is going to be revealed. Moreover, Siddhant is enacting to not know about her truth but she senses the family already came to know about her.
    here is the link…
    wow super waiting…for the episode

  6. today also they didnt reveal d truth

  7. dntknw 4 how long years they gona drag

  8. simar going to hide the white box in which fake roli saved the dead snake behind the red door…what will happen next?….again simar roli amar prem and whole bharatwaj family fight against the snake….do u anyone guess who or which is the next villan or villi?…..

  9. Whoever the next villain is but dont make it be amar because this people realy now how to make good people bad lyk how they did with sanjanas dad

  10. Guys I can’t wait for it to reveal and u know I’m an expert in all of these serials I bet that she gets all of these powers from that idol she’s dancing around and she will make siddhanths spirit in her

  11. after dis drama plz end the show… v already strtd dreaming in d end of dis show…

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