Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar says we are here with jahnvi. A lady says the kid will always miss his father no matter what you say. Mata ji says we respect you but we will request you to end this here. I mean Jhanvi has made a good decision and I am so proud of her. We are here for her. Roli says and she is so brave. Jhanvi says i am fine now.

Scene 2
Khushi is looking for boby she calls her.
Simar asks Pari is jhanvi okay? Why she went to her room? They are heading towards sonia’s room.
Boby is trying to come from the window in the room of boby. khushi is so happy suddenly the door knocks. Its Simar.
Verma aunty asks them to call sonia. Simar and Pari come alone with her. The ritual starts. khushi has managed to wear the mask and get boby out of her room.

guests are leaving. Khushi is happy that she is safe.

Scene 3
Suddenly the watchman comes in with boby and says this woman was coming from sankalp’s room from the window. She must be a thief. Mausi ji asks roli to call the police. Khushi is dazed. All the men come and ask whats wrong. Roli tells that she was coming from the room of snakalp. Khushi says sid I know her. She is not a thief. She is my cousin and a doctor.
Billo says actually its the habit of boby since childhood. Boby says yes i used to go in her room to scare her. Sujata asks where are you staying ? Boby says we don’t have any place but i will manage. Mata ji says you can stay here. Boby says actually I am bit old fashioned i don’t wanna stay at my sister’s in laws. Mata ji says old fashioned people never say no to elders. Simar will make your room ready.

Khushi takes her to the room. She says what was the need of saying all this. What will we do now. Boby says I just helped you. okay i am going. Khushi says just remember your promise that you will help me. All my happiness will go with you. Boby says i can’t play this doctor doctor. Khushi says you said you will make me meet my husband. Boby says stop crying I can’t see anyone’s tears. Khushi says that’s why I am showing you. Boby says okay i will stay and help you but end this drama as soon as you can. So I will showcase my mask and become the greatest make up artist. Roli and Simar come in and ask which make up artist. Boby says we were talking about a mutual friend who wanna be a make up artist. Simar says your room is ready boby. She show her the room.
Roli and simar say let me know if you have any problem. Boby says the room needs a little shuffling. I can’t sleep until I set the things by my own. Simar asks where is your stuff. Boby wonders what to do now. She says I left them at sonia’s house her manager will bring it soon.

Sonia and boby come down stairs for dinner. Khushi says speak as less as you can. She says i know. Boby goes through the dishes and says there is just vegetarian food here how will I eat this. She asks isn’t there anything non-veg here? Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Boby says your mask in not complete fixed. Khushi says its not possible to stay without it for even an hour. The driver us calling khushi when sonia attacks on his head and he falls on the floor. She runs away and the driver informs her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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