Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the temple
The whole bharadwaj family is shocked and distraught at the situation and roli’s answer. Viru is happy and calls her towards him. roli says that first he would have to give anjali to simar. But viru says that he’s not mad to repeat his mistake, and that he would give the baby, when the GADBHANDHAN is done. While he gives the baby to simar, and ties the knot with roli, he asks the priest to start the enchants for the seventh phera. Siddharth takes a coconut from somebody’s puja thali, and throws it at the gadbhandhan and breaks it off throwing viru’s end into the fire. Viru is angry, and he takes roli, who was running away, into his captivity and strangling her by the wrist, says that he would get married today, if not in this,

then in another temple. The whole bharadwaj family stands helpless. Just then mausiji says that she sees the police arriving at a distance and everyone is happy and viru is shocked to see them. roli breaks free from his strangle and runs to mataji. Viru runs behind her in anger but gets into a scuffle with an enraged siddharth and prem who get together, and beat him to pulp, while khushi is watching this, shocked herself. siddharth is about to give him a final fatal blow, but prem stops shim saying that the law would give him his punishment. As they walk towards roli, who calls out to them, viru gets up again and gives a log’s blow to sid, pushing prem away. they are shocked to find sid hurt. Before he can hurt prem, the police comes and takes him in their custody. The family is worried for sid, but he says that he’s alright and lovingly looks at roli. roli says that she would never lie again and that she missed him real bad. Sid too hugs her.

Sujata says that she always looked on roli as her daughter, and that she fufilled all the responsibilities, but she faltered as a mom, knowing that she cant be wrong and still accused her. Chachiji and the others too apologize for their misunderstanding her. Mataji asks why did simar keep this a secret and listened when she saw roli being insulted like this. She tells them the entire story as to how she had the faith that roli can not do anything wrong, and how mausiji finally gave her every detail of her plan with roli. The whole family hears it all intently. Mausiji says that roli needed somebody brave in the family. Mataji reprimands her for not telling and what if roli had been hurt. Roli says that mausiji isnt at fault and that they intentionally kept this a secret from them since they wouldnt have been able to insult her otherwise and viru wouldnt have been able to believe her then. She gives their anger credit in getting their win over viru so fast. Mataji says that she’s proud to say that roli is in the bharadwaj’s family.

Mausiji says that this victory deserves a party and celebration. Roli says that celebration would definitely happen but in their own bharadwaj house. The family is overwhelmed with emotions to hear this. they all get up to go. Simar asks prem to take anjali while she thaks the goddess and prays to her. The family moves out while viru also is taken by the police. Sid is very disgudted that he thought so ill of roli and he even went on to be infidel in their relation. Seeing tears in his eyes, roli says that she knwos that he is upset about the recent happeneings, but they dont have to worry anymore as his roli is back with him.

As the police is taking viru away, he, looks at sid and roli together, thinks that if she cant become his, he wont let roli become anyone else’s. he takes the policeman’s gun and points it at roli. He shoots a bullet from a pistol at roli, which simar sees and running and throwing roli and sid out of its way, faces the bullet herself. The whole bharadwaj family is shocked to hear this. Roli screams out her name in horror. The screen freezes on simar’s face as she falls to the ground.

Precap: The whole bharadwaj family is distraught as they and the doctors take simar into the emergency operation theatre, and wait in patience as the operation starts.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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