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Sasural Simar Ka 18th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram says anjali didn’t come? Saroj says I thought she would come with you. He says I dropped her and left for office. she said she will come. Tao ji says call her.
Anjali is getting her shoot done in very short dresses. She doesn’t check her phone. Vikram says she isn’t picking up. Atul says we are done for today. Atuk says your portfolio will be done by tomorrow. How will you go? Anjali says I will manage. Atul says I will drop you.

Vadahi is crying. Piyush says vadahi please open the door. I will keep standing here until you open the door. Vadhai says this is not right i have to distance Piyush from me. Vadhai opens the door. He says what have I done that you are punishing me for? Vadhai says who are you to question me? This is my life. You

helped me and thanks for that. There is only professional relation between you and me. Piyush says what are you saying. She says realize your limits. Leave now. Piyush leaves. Vadahi shuts her door and cries.

Agarwal says you should have asked her address. Anjali comes home with Atul. She hugs him and says thanks atul. Anjali is wearing her short dress. Atul says I should thank. He extends his hand. Vikram shakes his hand and says Vikram agarwal. Anjali’s husband. Atul says nice to meet you. You are so lucky. She is really talented. If she wasn’t married I would have flown her career. He leaves. Vikram says couldn’t you come back in the same clothes you wore from here? He goes in.
Anjali says what drama is this? He says its 12 where were you and why was your phone off? I gave you a car. Why you had to come with him? She says it was so late. So he dropped me home. You had to thank him. My phone was off because it had no charge. Saroj says take you charger next time. And you could inform vikram. Anjali says I don’t understand what problem is. Its modelling not a nine to five job. I will get late. Vikram says anjali have you forgotten you are part of the family? Vikram says tai ji right. Anjali says you too Vikram? What about the promises that you will never let anyone come in between me and my dreams. Its day 1 and all this drama has started. Don’t you trust me? Agarwal says we trust you but not the world. We have no problem from your dreams. Just that we worry for you. Taoji says it is dangerous for girls. Anjali says is there any solution? I had to go for photoshoot. Tai ji says you can get photoshoot done at home. We can set up here. Anjalu says I can’t believe.. Vikram says tai ji is right. Tao ji says I agree with her too. Agarwal says me too. Anjali says okay fine then. I will tell my team we will do shoot here.

Scene 2
Next morning, Simar gives Piyush his breakfast. He says in sleep Vadahi.. Piysuh says you. SImr says you didn’t sleep at night? He says I was working. Simar says why vadhai’s name? He says she used to bring me coffee. Simar says I am your mom. I can see it all. Sometimes there is a war between our mind and heart. You are going through same. Piyush says I didn’t get it. Simar says when you are agitated for no reason and eyes are teary. When someone’s thought gives you smile then your heart is trying to say something. We should listen to it.
Vadahi says its final design date. How should I talk to Piyush. Roshni comes in and says mind is saying something and heart something else? Do you love Piyush? vadhai says no. Roshni says when people are pointing at your character you would hate it. Piyush hates it too. He is from such a good family and he is being associated with you a girl from road. Road is where choti ma picked you from. Well better that you don’t love Piyush. He would have broken your heart. I know him since childhood and I know he only loves me. If I were at your place I would have left this house because my self respect is everything for me. But I have never been insulted so I don’t know. But you would be experienced. All the best for presentation.

The shoot preps start. They clear stuff from the lounge. Saroj says don’t touch it. Atul says its disturbing the frame. Vikram says tai ji its about one day we will put it there again. Anjali comes downstairs. Agarwal says take me to my room I will have my tea there. Vikram and Tao ji leave too. Saroj says what is all this anjali? Don’t wear these clothes in front of elders. Sanjev really minded it. Anjali says thats your mistake. It was your idea to have photoshoot in house. You expect me to wear a sari like yours for the shoot? Atul says Anjali should we start the shoot we are late. Anjali says sure.

Precap-Prem says where is Vadhai? She left her resignation in my car. She left the house. A woman comes and asks Saroj did you rent your house for shoot? Who is this heroin? Anjali says I am Vikram’s wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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