Sasural Simar Ka 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Patali picks the doll. SHe says you can never come out of this doll. Devika says what is she going to do? Patali says when I returned you to anjali I knew she can her you no one would trust the child. Until this yellow mark is there on you, you can never come out of this doll. Anjali and sanju come downstairs, patali says this is fine. anjali says how you know it fell in fire. She says i was going towards home and saw it falling in fire. This is my fav. So I gave it to anjali. How could i let it burn?
Anjali says thank you so much.

Simar is working on the idol. Patali says in heart I am one step behind my mission. THe idol will be complete. SImar says it is almost complete. Patali says thank you so much. Simar says that guru who treated me, this idol looks like her.

Devika says gaitri is so nice. Simar says I have to go now. She leaves. Patali says I have to use the person so important to you simar.

Patali gives a locket to prem and says make simar wear it. And then tell her that I have gifted her.
Simar comes in room. Prem comes after her and makes her wear the locket. Simar says this is so nice. He says devika has given it. SHe says you should learn from her. He says like i never give you something? She says you haven’t in so many days. Simar says we should not take it from. Prem says no she has given with so much love.

Mata ji says this is anniversary of our first shop. We have to go to shop and do the pooja. I will stay home. SImar says you should come with us. I can stay home. Mataji says no I wont go. Devika comes in and says mataji would go. I will stay in the house with simar. Pari says so it is solved now. Mataji says thank you devika. Come here. And take care simar.

They all leave for pooja. simar is alone in house with devika. Simar says why is my neck itching? I should take this locket of. Patali stops her and breaks her wedding locket by some hand symbol.
Simar says I should put it all in a box. Simar sees devika. Simar sees devika picking up her broken wedding locket. She says this is weird. why did devika pick them up? She sneaked in. She could tell me if she needed something. I should rather go and ask devika. Simar goes to anjali and sanju. Sanju says anjali you should eat medicine. Simar says I am going to devika’s place. Sanju says i will take care of anjali. Simar says thank you and leaves. Simar says what is happening? All these marks on my hand and neck. Simar says to sanju stay home i will be back.
Simar goes to devika’s house. DEvika says i have to make this idol wear this wedding locket. Simar comes in and says devika.. Simar says devika why you brought them here? They are of my wedding locket. You cant keep them. Give them to me. Simar says who are you?

Precap-Simar says i wont let you live in my house anymore. Patali says I am patali devi and I will make you part of my dark world.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Stupid show focusing only on simar but not roli pls give imp to her also writers

  2. dipika kakar aka simar turns negative in sasural simar ka!!
    simar, who used to save the bharadwaj family from all the negativity and evil forces will herself create problems for her family now.
    actress dipika kakar populary known as for playing the character simar bharadwaj on the show “sasural simar ka” has been much adored as an ideal bahu of telivision . her character is known for her good deeds that she’s been doing till today inorder to protect her family. however, now we hear that things are going to take nasty turn , with regards to dipika’s character on the show.
    according to the source the actress will now play negative role on the show?
    shocking! isn’t it ?
    yes, you heard it right she will essay the character of vamp now, simar who used to save the family from all the negativity and evil forces herself create troubles for her family now.
    dipika conformed the news to us that “it’s a great change for me, as an actor there is a lot to play if you do negative. so now i know for some time , i won’t be crying. rather i will make others cry!also, the look is amazing.
    more entertainment is await in the upcoming episodes tracks of the show..
    stay tuned for more updates..

  3. why they r dragging this much?pls show some rosid scenes.

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