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Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mataji says to prem how can you make your own way? Prem says I can’t do this marriage. Simar is daze. Mataji says you can’t say no to us. We have found a girl for you. So beautiful,once you see her you wont sleep at nights. She is a top heroin. We have to spend, what issue do you have? You just have to be a prince groom and enjoy. Prem says I can’t mata ji slaps him.
She says I really love you but I love my respect more than you. Someone brings burning coals. Mataji says if someone tries to go against me. I will kill him. Prem is scared. Mataji says be feared. You were born in my house and your life is my property. And secondly, you have to marry her. After your marriage, with your life my ruling life will start. Don’t you wanna see me succeeding? Prem

says I wish mom was here. Mata ji says don’t dare taking name of that sujata.
14 years and we don’t even know if she is alive or dead.

Maani says don’t worry whole story is left. Meet her. In a room, sujata is shown coughing. She is ill and can’t even drink water on her own. Someone comes with a pillow. Simar says what is happening? Maani says just keep watching and then do what I ask.
it uma,she gives her water. She says I wont kill you that easily. I gave you this so she doesn’t kick us out. Your daughter in the only one earning here. pari comes and says otherwise we would have killed her long ago. You have water in lungs why don’t you die. Better die today than tomorrow. Simar says uma bhabhi can’t even think of being like this. Simar says why are you doing this. See no one would give her water too.
uma says don’t give her water. She can survive one day without water. Jhanvi comes in and says what is happening. pari says I brought her water. She was asking for it. Jhanvi takes water and makes sujata drink.
Jhanvi says I talked to prem, he is getting engaged. Uma says why aren’t we invited? Jhanvi says we can’t go there you know. uma says yes they are enjoying the wealth and we are living here under poverty. Pari says give me money I will bring maa’s medicine. Jhanvi says okay ma i am leaving. I will try to come soon. she gives money to pari. Jhanvi leaves.

Uma says here is medicine that never ends. Because we don’t give it to her. Pari says we took money from her. Lets go enjoy. Uma says our husbands are useless. Pari says I have no hope from them. Uma says lets go watch the movie.
Maani says and see who is playing an important part in the story.

Prem is getting engaged. Sid says if you don’t digest what mata ji said I have bullet for it. She shows him pistol. Mataji asks her men to keep an eye on prem. Karuna brings juice for mata ji.She says I wont drink it. I will give you poison someday.
Amar says the bride to be is here. A woman comes with face covered. She says I am not the bride. She is there. The bride comes in. Its maani herself.Simar says this is you.. she has disappeared. Simar is dazed. Simar says prem ji is getting married to chandan maani? This can’t happen.
She says mata ji I am coming. She comes back to simar and laughs. She says if you see your face you would have laughed so hard.

Precap-Chandan maani says why not make you part of this story? you should have one chance to stop prem. You can either save sujaata and stop wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh no, never did I think that this day will come.ssk becoming this bad.

  2. I think its a strategy from the makers to make fans forget Roli then when everything will get back to normal, they will start that love story with Sid. Will we really able to forget Rosid or accept someone beside Sid? I dont think a love story is necessary in SSk.

  3. Just loving ssk sooo much….trk is awesome… Want new love story of premar.???..BT plz don’t separate them

  4. who is tat blue saree lady…i hope she is not to b tat prena…pls leave sid alone…dnt spoil rosid love…and dnt hurts rosidians….

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    ????this show is making me cry like this.. Pls change name is sasural backwas ka.

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