Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mausi ji comes in the house and says surprise, but no one is there. She says where have they all gone? Simar jiji where are you all ? sattu comes and says mausi ji you? She says aren’t you happy to see me? He says i am glad but maa is not well i am going to bring doctor. mausi says what happened to her? go bring doctor i am going upstairs?

Rajveer says to maya dont show me those eyes lower your gaze of i will kill sid. Maya does. rajveer says why did you go out? She says to be assure that he killed roli. Rajveer says are you playing any game with me? Maya says no how can i play any game, you have taken all my powers. I went after him because i didn’t want him to make a mistake. I dont cops to come here again. rajveer says so according to you both roli has died?

but if i see roli alive, i will aryan. If you are right then its time for bharadwaj house to face the pain. first they lost sid and then roli. i will kill each of them one by one. i will give them so much pain that they will beg for death. i will vanish this bharadwaj family. Simar, mata ji and roli are dazed. Mata ji says please save my family God. Maya says you have kept me here by force but what bhardwajs have done to you?
he says don’t try to be innocent and ask me questions. he grasps her hand and says only i can question in this house, i dont answer. He says girjesh clean the place. He closes the door with remote, and goes upstairs. maya says i have to stop this door from closing otherwise roli, simar mata ji and amar wont be able to go out. She throws a put in the door. Rajveer stops on the stairs, he says this was the last time you went outside the house without my permission. He goes up.
Maya says i have to send them all out.

Doctor checks sujata, Mausi ji says what has sujata made of herself is sid’s loss. she looks lifeless. Doctor says you dont need to worry, she is upset and tensed. i have given her some medicines. Prem says do we need to take care of something? He looks at mausi ji and hugs her. Mausi ji says my son, how are you? he says i am good. doctor says she will fine with time, you have to make sure no one talk about sid in front of her. Prem recalls simar says i will do this investigations anyway. sankalp sees off doctor. Sattu says i will bring the medicines. Prem says something to rajinder and they both go out.

Maya goes to the dark room and asks them all to come out, girjesh comes to the kitchen, maya send them in again. girjesh cleans the room, she touches broken pot and cuts her finger. she says please girjesh bring me the herb only that can stop my blood. Girjesh goes to bring it. simar says no one is here lets go out of here without making any noise. they all step out. Rajveer asks aryan to bring him tea. Simar sees him coming, they all hide again. aryan goes to kitchen, they all come out again. simar mata ji and roli go out, aryan comes again before amar calendar could leave. rajveer sees in remote that door is open. amar and calendar come out again. rajveer comes to balcony and stares at maya in anger.

Precap-Prem says if something happens to roli because of you simar, i will do something that has never happened in this house before. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. I love Sara Khan, finally Maya turned positive. I like nagin track

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  12. It’s good BT it will be more interesting in watching on tv

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