Sasural Simar Ka 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini runs after simar.
Simar enters the cathedral. There are so many daggers. Mohini says should i help you? I told you i will win this game.
The walls of the cathedral starts falling. Mohini is throttling simar.
Mata ji is doing pooja with rest of the family. Sunanda says leave me now.
Simar takes out a dagger. Mohini is scared. Simar says you end is written with this dagger. Are you scared to see your death in front of you?
I told you evil has a bad end. Mohini says my mom must be taking very well care of your family. Lets call them and ask how they are. She calls on sunanda’s number. Sunanda says give me the phone. It must be mohini. she must be calling to give me good news. Mata ji takes the phone. she says don’t say a word.

Mohini says

tell this simar what have you done to her family. Make her hear their screams. Sunanda says no. Sunanda screams. Mohini says hear your family’s rants? I told you mohini can never lose. Do you want me to make you hear more. Put this dagger back at its place.

Mata ji says we know how to fight with this evil. simar says are you okay? mata ji says we have detained that sunanda. dont worry for us. if you have reached that secret come back home with mohini. simar says i have got that dagger that will kill mohini. everyone is happy. simar says we can’t kill her until we have prem sid roli and anjali back. karuna says come back soon. simar says i am glad to know you are all fine.simar tells something to amar.
Simar says few more hours left to end your game mohini. Once we reach dehli your game will be over. simar picks the call and goes out. Mohini says simar will kill me. i can’t let this happen. i have to go out to here.She starts running out. simar comes with men and says dont try to run. mohini says let me go or you will have to suffer. simar says everything will be good now. The men grasps mohini. They take out an injection. its tranquilizer. Mohini falls.
Simar comes back home. They rope mohini on chair. Sunanda says you can’t run out of our black eye. Your end is near. I wont leave you. Simar says i wont hear a single word against my family now. You can’t torture us anymore. Are you scared of your death now?
Simar says you have to pay for your sins.

Precap-Mohini says pardon me simar. I wanna apologize you all. She takes the dagger from simar. /strong>

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Simar don’t pardon her. I think Rosid never turn.

  2. Simar go ahead…

  3. Any one told me y mohini hyponotise prem?

  4. in tomorrow episode mohini will die but she didnt bring back rosid and anjali still prem is in unconsious state.. when they all will ok… want rosid back in ssk.. with out them its getting bore… please bring nback rosid.. missing rosid..

  5. dis is telugu movie stint of arundathi…
    SAME ARUNDATI lo ela undo adhe chupisthunaru
    maku idi chala rs back ae telusu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes you are right. Nenu choosinapudu adhe anukunna.

    2. ya…same as in arundati movie

  6. is rosid will come back in ssk or not?

  7. I lost hope on rosid..till hw many days v have to wait fr their arrival…cvs remember not only simar is lead…prem n rosid also lead…y always show simar mahan..ok v know u cant undestand rosidian feelings
    .bt wat prem did…rosid r atleast out of show frm 1 poor prem still in unconsious some pity on him

  8. Ya even i hav same doubt… they left the show???

  9. I missing u a lot rosid u r the ever gorgeous couple please come fast we r waiting for u

  10. Definitely ssk will lose most of the fans including me .i kept watching the only for rosid.i lost al hope now.if they dont want to show rosid beter end the show

  11. I really miss u Rosid plz come back soon for your fans guys ..we miss u lot…with out Rosid ssk is really very bore plz come back

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