Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tantrik feels Simar powers

Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni and Piyush going to Bhairav temple. Piyush says he is thinking why did Ma lie to them. Tantik comes to Simar’s house. Everyone looks at him. Bhairavi says I called Baba home and tells that he is a big Saint. Roshni sees the temple and the chunaris tied to the trees. She tells him that this is the same place which came in her dream and says there is some secret which is hidden from them. Bhairavi says he is a big bhakt of mata rani and vidhvaan of human. Prem says he is looking as tantra yantra baba. Bhairavi asks him to mind his tongue. Sameer says he don’t believe on any baba. Mata ji says it is a matter of belief and greets baba. Roshni finds the skeleton head and shouts. Piyush asks her to calm down and jumps there. Roshni says lets go home. Piyush says we

might get some clue. Something falls there. Roshni asks him to come. He says ok and tries to climb when his phone falls down. He picks his phone and sees the ring kept there. Roshni says this is Simar Maa’s ring. She says she saw ring. Bhairavi tells Baba that this is Simar’s soul.

Tantrik tells Simar that he has heard that she is a big mata rani bhakt and that’s why I want to take your blessings by touching your feet. Simar says no and says I am mata rani bhakt and not a God. Bhairavi says you are not less than a God and asks mata ji’s opinion. Before Mata ji could say anything, Tantrik says he will touch her feet and sits down to touch her feet, but a sudden wind comes, he looks at her and touches her feet, feels current and falls afar. He thinks this is not soul, but some strong shakti. Everyone is shocked. Tantrik says you would have said if you don’t want to bless me. Mata ji asks him to sit and says she will bring Prasad. Simar asks her to stop and says bhog is not kept for mata rani till now, if you want Prasad then you have to come again baba. Tantrik says this time I will go empty handed and goes. Bhairavi says I will drop him. Prem asks Simar why did he let Baba go without having Prasad. Mata ji asks the same thing. Simar makes an excuse and goes. She tells Shera that the baba was a devil indisguise of a sadhu. Shera asks why didn’t she expose him. Simar says everything shall be done at right time.

Roshni tells Piyush that they have only one proof. Piyush says he is doubtful if the woman in the house is their Maa or not. Roshni says even she is thinking the same thing. Sanjana asks which secret they are talking about. She says she tried to talk to them and asks where were they? She tells that everything was fine between them now. Roshni says still many questions were unanswered and asks God to show the way. Piyush asks her to show the way.

Bhairavi asks Tantrik why didn’t you do anything to Simar and says I thought you will kill her. Tantrik says she is not an ordinary soul and tells that he has felt her powers. He prays and keeps Bhasm on the pan and asks her to make Simar have pan so that he can control her.

Precap: Tantrik tells that he will control Simar and will prove that bhakti ki shakti is less than his powers. Simar appears infront of him and says devil had died then and even today. Tantrik gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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