Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says I am kicking you out of the property not Simar. I didn’t decide it yet. Simar get papers ready. Simar says not today, its a good day. Anjali says would be a good day for you not me. My foot. Piyush says madam give me arti too. He touches Simar’s feet.
Khushi calls Anjali. Anjali cuts her phone. KB calls agian. KB says anjali was the only pawn I had against Simar. I am living like a detained. I will answer you simar. The door is closed for me a window is enough.

Scene 2
Next morning, pari and uma are cooking. Pari says after so long I am cutting onions. Uma says what else will simar make us do? Never thought we would do this again. Piyush says why are you crying? Uma says we are cutting onions. Piyush says let me do this. Pari says simar

asked us. Piyush says but I can help. My mother said when someone is in trouble we should help them. Simar overhears. Pari gives the onions to him.
I will cut the onions. Uma says good.

KB calls anjali again. Anjali says don’t call again. KB says but Anju.. Anjali hangs up. KB says what should I do. At least uma and pari should talk to me.

Simar reads geeta to mataji. Mataji says it makes me feel so good. Rajhinder says mataji you are getting well. Simar says i hope anjali’s hatred fades too. Mataji says it will. Simar says I hope so. Prem is going to office. Simar says I have made your lunch box. Prem takes it. Mataji says simar and prem get ready for karwa chauth. I will prepare your sagi. simar says no no why would you. Mataji says I am so happy to see you both together after so long.

Uma and Pari bring food for KB. Kb says I had been waiting for you guys. Whats going on outside? uma says we just came here to give you food. KB says when ship sinks rats runs the fastest. I know bad days are her for me but time changes real fast. It might not be my day today but soon you will have to regret. you get what I am saying.. Tell me whats going on outside? Uma locks the door. She tells her what Prem and Simar are doing to Anjali. Khushi tells them an idea. Pari says this is such a good idea. KB calls someone and says get the papers ready. KB says I will kick Simar out of this house, before karwa chauth.

SImar and Jhanvi see all the stuff for simar on table. Jhanvi says prem got all this stuff for you? Simar says its really pretty. Anjali says all they care about is each other not me. she leaves in anger. Jhanvi says bhabhi why don’t you thank him? Simar nods and says i am coming. Simar takes the sari and stuff to her room. Mataji looks in. Simar says premji.. Thank you so much. you brought all this for me? Thank you. Prem says I? Mataji asks him not to. Prem says I liked it so I ordered. Simar says this is all of my choice. Prem says I just guessed. simar says its means so much to me. Thank you. Piyush comes in and says this letter I had to give it to you. Simar opens it.
Prem says you want something else? Simar says I feel weird. We are disavowing our own daughter. prem says its important. Simar says anjali is really upset. She used to be with KB now she doesn’t even have her. SHe is alone. I thoughht she would get close to me after knowing about KB but she closes herself in the room. I thought she might calm down after this. Prem says she is more stubborn.Simar says should I talk to her? prem says she has insulted you a lot. I think we shouldn’t/ Pari and uma are listening. Simar says don’t say anything today. Its karwa chauth. After that I would try once talking to her. Check these papers. Prem says you did thats enough for me.

Simar comes to anjali’s room and says I went to shopping I bought these for you. She shows her the clothes. Simar says I know your choice is differnt but I bougfht what I thought would suit you. Anjali takes the clothes and says I like it. I wear designer wear only but what you chose is good.

KB says on call so papers are here? Pari you gave me such a good news. do as I asked you. No one should know about our plan. Pari says don’t worry about that. KB says time for next step.

Precap-Its karwa chauth. Prem say simar this your earring. Prem makes her wear it. KB rants mataji uma bhabhi pari bhabhi come please.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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