Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rana says to Padmavati(simar) that i will not give Indra death sentence but she has to leave the palace as he cant let Indra harm Padma.
Indra starts black magic with lady, lady says you have become witch now, Indra says means i can use powers now? lady says yes but one last step is remaining then you will become great dayaan, you have to sacrifice someone who has same blood as yours, Indra smirks and says i want to sacrifice my sister to get powers, she has snatched everything from me, she has hurt me and today she has snatched my prem my Rana Thakur from me, today she begged for my life from Rana and Rana agreed to her and i cant live in this debt of my sister so she has to leave this world as i will be able to make place in Rana’s heart only after her death, she gives

cloth piece of Padma’s dress, lady starts black magic.
Padma is sleeping in her room, she wakes up, black magic starts affecting her, she is hypnotized and leaves the room. Rana is walking in palace when he sees Padma going somewhere, Rana thinks where she is going? it seems like she is walking in sleep, Padma leaves palace, Rana comes to Pundit ji and says Padmavati has gone out, do you know where she has gone? Pundit says no.
Padma comes to place where Indra is doing black magic, Padma is tied to pillar and sleep, she wakes up to find Indra there, Padma is shocked to see her in black clothes, she ask whats all this? why i am tied? free me, chains are hurting me, Indra says i have tied you, she laughs, you thought i will go away from your life and you will live peacefully with Rana ji, you have snatched everything from me even my Prem too, today i will win over you by killing you, Rana thakur will be mine only, Padma is shocked, Indra ask are you afraid? you are my younger sister so i will give you last chance, if you love your life then leave this city, go away far away from me and Rana ji then i will not kill you, Padma says you will kill your sister? will it not hurt you? Indra says relations doesnt matter to me now as i have started walking on path of vanishing, if i dont get my love then i will finish everything, i will not leave anyone, tell me if you agree with my proposal or not.

Scene 2
Simar is seeing everything in flashback, she says to Amar that Indra has created havoc in city, nation is in chaos, Rana ji is finding Padma everywhere, Indra has sent a letter to Rana ji.
Flashback shows Rana ji getting letter, Rana ji reads letter that Padma is in her abduction, if he wants Padma back then he has to listen her conditions else she will destroy everything- your Indravati.
Rana has sent letter back to Indra, it says that he has agreed to marry Indra, he will make her his princess but he wants to meet Padmavati last time.
Indra has warned Rana to not take action any against else she will kill Padma.
Rana orders his soldiers that he will bring Indra in palace then he will get to know where Padma, he will save Padma then he will finish Indra.
Indra says to Padma that Rana ji has agreed to make me his princess, i have won, he is coming here, you must want to meet him, i have very big heart so you can meet him but then you wont be able to meet him atleast in this life, he will be mine, Padma says i am very happy that you got what you wanted but i would have been more happy if it was in your fate, you have cheated, you took everything by snatching, you took it by walking on wrong path, Indra says i dont believe in God, i get what i want either by fate or by snatching, i dont trust fate, Padma ask why you are doing this? Indra says what is less in me? i am beautiful, i dance well and most importantly i love Rana, cant he be happy with me? Padma says you are very nice, you are deserving, Indra says then why he loves you? dont talk about it, i am getting what i wanted, i dont think about how i am getting it.
Rana says to his force that he got to know where Padma is, i will go there first, i will check if Padma is in danger there then i will create blast there which will be sign for you all then you all come inside and you know your work then.
Rana ji comes to place where Padma is kidnapped, he sees her and gets emotional, he is about to go to her but Indra comes inbetween them.

PRECAP- Rana says to Padmavati that all this is happening because me but now i will free you from this pain, he does bomb blast, forces come in and point guns at Indra, Rana ji frees Padma and stands infront of her, he says to Indra that you wanted to take Padma’s life, now i am standing infront of her, do your magic and kill me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  10. sandra s thannickal

    ssk mein kya chal raha hai?pehalae vo ek family story dhi.Aab kya?ghost,nagin,mohini,Indravathi.very bad.plz end this fb story.serial end honae ke pehalae rosid ka baby hona chahiyae!!

  11. sandra s thannickal

    plz bring Rosid back…….

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